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Thread: Would you send your dog? not me

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawninthesticks View Post
    If we where comparing human athletes that would mean that a competitor in The Worlds Strongest Man Competition would be able to swim faster that a pro basketball/baseball player.
    I think maybe you misinterpreted the post. I don't think they meant bigger = all around better.

    For instance, we hunt in South Louisiana. Some of the rice fields are a holy terror. 3 foot tractor ruts, sheet water, etc. I think from my experience that a taller/"bigger" dog has an easier time negotiating the terrain than a shorter/"smaller" dog.

    On the other hand, if we're hunting the marsh where the bottom is very soft, the shorter/lighter dog seems to be able to glide across it much easier than than the taller/heavier dog. Walked those marshes many time where you take a step and the boot stays in the mud!

    If you need someone to block, you get the lineman. If you need the speed, you get the WR. To each his own. There is no better dog.

    Side note: I had a high school history teacher we called Coach Mo. He was a sports dictionary. We used to try and stump him with a baseball almanac...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    well ,how about the 100 lb dog will get slammed into the rocks harder than the 60 lb dog ? Just because of mass and acceleration F+ma
    my 85 lb boy is PLENTY big enough!!!
    Good point. Whether I had a 100lb dog or a 50lb dog I still couldn't send my dog.
    Watching MY dog do that work, Id be too busy puking my guts up from sheer panic and terror to even shoot at anything else.

    Marissa Everett

    "The best reward is one that makes an impact."

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    If you have been around RTF for a number of years you can usually tell the season of the year by threads and how prickly the posters become..... it must be winter.....

    Yes, at this time of year, as Shakespeare would say, there is frequently "Much Ado About Nothing"
    Competition does not build character - It reveals it.

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    I've seen that video (often). Read many replies. Tried to think of the proper response and finally decided on what was appropriate.

    "Buncha pansies" was all I could come up with.

    73 year old duck "chaser" regards, Jim
    Jim Boyer KwickLabsii.com

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    So to sum up , You need to take a silver lab, breed it with a Great Dane/ Beagle mix , then take that pup and have one dewclaw removed, dock it's tail then you have a dog able to swim in rough water as long as your at the beach with a helmet on.

    I think Dr. Ed might be on to something. Does Walgreen's sell liquor? ,cause I needs some meds for my cabin fever

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    There we go. Now we are getting somewhere. The statement was made and it was a obvious common sense statement that didn't deserve a lot of chest bowing up angry retriever owners.

    I do like the humor that some of you guys brought to the discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Shih View Post

    Yes, at this time of year, as Shakespeare would say, there is frequently "Much Ado About Nothing"
    ....or perhaps Richard III; "Now is the winter of our discontent"
    power without lumber, raciness without weediness

    A big man never looks down on others.... instead, he is someone to look up to.

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    OHHH..........I don't know if I would dock any tails!!! WTF how would the dog steer away from the rocks???

    14 with a wind chill of - 10
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    I think the camera greatly exaggerates the conditions.
    We shoot dogs with a Canon

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    Some of this is just what you are used to. When I was younger we used to walk miles into the marsh in chest deep mud and water with our dogs. Our favorite hole was 1.5 miles from the beach. We would pass 150-300 alligators on the way in and out. They never bothered us or the dogs. Don't do that now because I have gotten soft. The dogs never seemed to mind the fact that they were swimming all the way in and out. I hunted Lake Texoma a couple of years ago with really high winds and it had 4' swells and waves crashing into the shore line. It really bothered me to send my dog way out into the waves when I could not see him after the 1st 50 yards. He did not mind a bit and really seemed to like the big water.

    All other things being equal a large athletic dog has an easier go of it than a smaller dog. I have a 52 pound ball of fire that wants to go all day. In the chest high cover pheasant cover and especially cut crops the larger dogs have a much easier go of it. Ground clearance is ground clearance.

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