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Thread: My new pup!!!

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    Default My new pup!!!

    Finally picked up my new pup and he is a ball of fun!! The breeder had me pick him up at 6 weeks and as I said he is a ball of fun however i am concerned on his retrieving desire. I know he is young and wants things in his mouth, if they'll fit lol, but he seem to want to run after anything. I'm sure it's just age and the pursuit drive will kick in as he ages. He has FCs and NFCs throughout his moms side so he should have it in him. He has the most drive to get what he wants that I've ever seen in a dog, he wanted under my arm the other night a I kept my arm so he couldn't get by and began pushing with every ounce of strength he had to get by, now if I can just turn that for retrieving. And I know he's young and will enjoy the puppy life no force will be put on him yet. Pics will come later!! God Bless!!

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    6 weeks, very young! Just enjoy him for now, let him get used to home and you. Plenty of time later to discover his inner retriever instinct. Have fun!
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    At 6 weeks they can't even see past 8 or 10 feet!
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    That's interesting about their sight, I had assumed that his vision wasn't the best yet. because of the way he had acted. At what age will he gain better control of his vision?

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