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Thread: paediphiles white matter in brain

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    Default paediphiles white matter in brain

    So this could suggest that its genetic. Or does the brain change because of thinking patterns. If the former then don't we have to now accept this behavior. After all its not their fault. The homosexual brain is similar. Many criminals even have that extra Y or X (I cant remember) gene, As a matter of fact most criminals and behaviorally messed up people have brain scans that are not normal . So now what,,,,Thats why the bible is a great and rather cool book,,it has the answers to dilemmas like this and even gives you the spiritual perception of things, and often its consequences. I think the wave of the future will be to accept and embrace the weird or should I say "inherently evil stuff" and shun the good. There are actually many studies where you can read about this stuff.
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