Cheers to the 2013-2014 waterfowl season
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Thread: Cheers to the 2013-2014 waterfowl season

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    Member Brady Davis's Avatar
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    Default Cheers to the 2013-2014 waterfowl season

    I know some of you lucky guys are still enjoying the final weeks of your seasons, but we wrapped ours up a bit ago. I had a young pup return from the trainers mid season and the last half was great fun watching him progress and put it all together. Hopefully you all had a good season and enjoyed the mornings in the blinds like I did with my dog.

    I read the forum regularly and I enjoy the advice, the commentary and even the "feather ruffling" that goes on. Hopefully this year I'll have more relevant topics and comments to post on. I've been around gun dogs and water fowling for years, but only reading the forum for a couple.

    So, whether you hunted a trusty seasoned dog, a new pup or a whole truck full of dogs, cheers to the past season and I anxiously await the fall!
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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    Senior Member Joe Dutro's Avatar
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    Beautiful Pictures!!
    Our duck season ended yesterday. So this morning Rocket and I wake up feeling like our best friend died. I think were going through quack withdrawl. In the last 18 days we've only missed 2 days. Have some great memories hunting with friends out on Long Island NY. ut my best memories of the season are from the hunts with my 10 year old son Ty and my 65 year old Mom.
    Cannot wait for next year.
    Joe Dutro

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    Senior Member Mark Teahan's Avatar
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    Beautiful pic.
    Trap and I have til the 31st.
    A fellow member is showing up today for 3 days of hunting.

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    Senior Member ks_hunting's Avatar
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    Great pics!

    Our season was memorable, but as always... over too soon.

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    Senior Member roseberry's Avatar
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    i was 50 this year. i hunted ducks less often this season than since the season i was nine. when i was nine my uncle took me once. when i was ten he took me out seven mornings. when i was 11, i was turned loose in the bottoms around facker alabama and it was every day from then on.

    for fourty years my waterfowl hunting has been a blur of manic activity. many of my memories are a muddled jumble as a result of hunting "practically" every day of every season. this year i hunted green timber six mornings and one afternoon and went out on the river once. this may have been my "most memorable" season ever.
    john mccallie

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    wow...thats beautiful. I'd live there in a heart beat.

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    Senior Member David McCracken's Avatar
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    Our season started in October in North Dakota and ended yesterday at home in South Carolina. Gumbo and I had a very good year.
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    It has been one for the books in AR!

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