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Thread: Best place to sit on a plane with a puppy?

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    Also, if you have any lay overs find the first "family" restroom and let your puppy out on the floor for a potty break. Watch out for mothers with babies in strollers going thru the terminal however. You will get a dirty look if you go into the room before them carrying only what looks to be a carry on bag. I got jumped pretty good in St. Louis walking into one right in front of a mother. I got it with both barrels, she was not happy with me.
    Don't know if maybe you just left this bit of information out might want to take some potty pads along with you for potty breaks indoors.
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    Pets can't be in the emergency exit rows or in bulkhead seats. Window and center seats have larger under-seat storage areas on Southwest.

    Take potty pads to line the carrier with under an old towel, carry spare potty pads and towels to swap out in case of accidents. Take a small bowl for water and take enough food for at least a couple of days- you never know when you might get stranded in some strange city. A pack of baby wipes are very helpful for cleaning up the puppy, carrier or you in case of 'messy' accidents.

    Give yourself extra time to go through security, travelling with a pet can make you subject to additional security searches.

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