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Thread: Kennel Water Bowl

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitty View Post
    I use the flat sided buckets that have a hook and a handle. I secure them to the fence in my yard or to the door on their crate using snap hooks like you see at the end of the dog leash.

    Dogsafield has them, though I think I got mine at either Cabelas or Gundogsupply:

    Mine have held up well for over two years so far.

    My dog likes to play with the water dishes, but I haven't seen her try to pull them off of the fence (yet).

    I need a better solution for winter, though.
    X two. I've had two of these for several years. They work great.
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    Can u move the bucket to a different location where the dog does not tend to jump?

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    Here's my solution. They are plastic, but made to resist horses. Dogs haven't been able to put much of a tooth mark in them in 4 years. Did get the hose once, but got a piece wrapped in wire and stopped that. Plus with the brackets one can bolt it to a 1x6 on the other side of the chain link. Not going to turn that over. Tractor Supply
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