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Thread: Looking for Vet in Ky

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    Default Looking for Vet in Ky

    Looking for a vet to do hips certifications. My local vet has never done it for labs but has for "German Sheppards a couple of times" I don't know who certifies them. My question is could he make them look worse than they are or could someone with more experience get a better picture? Also recommendations for a vet that has done them between Louisville and Bowling Green.


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    Well, this is easy! This is a great vet used by the Louisville Kennel Club. People also drive to see them. They do OFA x-rays and are also a great reproduction vet. See Dr. Ross or Dr. Loster.

    • Pewee Valley Veterinary Center
    • 220 Mt Mercy Drive
    • Pewee Valley, KY 40056
    • Phone: (502) 241-8834

    P.S. Don't forget to do your elbows, too!

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