*GDG* New Guided Trip to match OK Duck Club and Richard Davis?
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Thread: *GDG* New Guided Trip to match OK Duck Club and Richard Davis?

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    Default *GDG* New Guided Trip to match OK Duck Club and Richard Davis?

    One of my buddies who came along on the recent duck hunting trip to Oklahoma with Richard, Tim, Aaron, etc, sent me a link to a hunt he is considering.

    I am pretty sure it was a joke.

    I'm guessing these guys could train a retriever to a high level. I don't know how to train a monkey to ride a pig, but it looks impressive.

    How'd you like to have the job of "monkey tosser"? "Net man"?

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    Just so you know, when we were having dinner at the sports bar in Weatherford and I told you this would be a good place to go "Hogging" that's not what I meant.

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    New reality series right there Chris.... PMR Professional Monkey Riding
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    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Monkey Fuc%!&g a Football"
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