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Thread: Books for the Young Dog Trainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike olson View Post
    The Ten Minute Retriever!
    Hi Wrath, Please resend me your PM. My box got full and I dumped everything without remembering your request.

    If, by chance, your nephew needs things to read for study hall, I'll comment on this idea.

    If there is a chance to get a library pass, and if there is a chance that school libraries still carry Outdoor life, field and stream, and Sports Afield, I'd strongly suggest he get a library pass and go read that stuff.

    This site would not exist today, and I'd not have met my wife and most of my friends, had it not been for my school library, study hall and those magazines.

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    For pure reading enjoyment, get a copy of "Hey Pup, Fetch it Up" by Bill Tarrant. It was the first retriever book I picked up when I got a pup for the first time. The training info is dated and not very detailed, but the spirit of the book and the quality of the writing will keep your son hooked!
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    I second Charles Morgan on Retrievers - good stuff! And why not get him a subscription to Retrievers Online!! Dennis might suggest some specific back issues that would be good for him to read too!!
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    If you just want a great hunting with dogs book... Meet Mr Grizzly (Montague Stephens) ... Kudos to you on taking the time with the young man! You most likely have already had a profound effect on his future ��
    Steve Lithgow
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    Man! Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't say thanks enough. I ordered a few books based off the suggestions. I look forward to handing them over to him.

    Chris Re-sending the PM now.

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