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Thread: Stud dog/ breeding question

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    I have a male that someone would like to breed with, but for some reason my male doesn't seem interested. Anyone ever see that from a male before? His female was clearly in heat. The first time they met she was not ready, and got after him when he came around. The next time, she made every attempt to get him to do the job and he wouldn't. They were together in close quarters together and he wouldn't even try. Any suggestions? Is he just remembering the first time they met or what? Thanks.

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    Progesterone test her to see if she has ovulated. If she has not, some males can sense this and will not attempt to breed. Some females will throw themselves at a male before they have ovulated, regardless of the male's interest. While waiting on the test results (results are usually next day), allow him some supervised time with her. If he fails to do the job once she has ovulated, do a side by side AI- vet or experienced (with AI) breeder can help here.

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