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Thread: Rowdy (by Pirate) delayed triple, etc., this morning

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    Your time could be better spent than messing with a bunch of holding blinds. One is enough but half the time don't bother with any.
    As to the collar.
    Put ecollar on dog while it is still sitting in hole on truck. Or if kennel setup prevents this, put ecollar on dog before you put him on ground.
    When dog hits ground, SIT.
    Next call dog to you and clip on pinch collar with training tab attached. Trading tab length should be set so when holding knotted end in 2 fingers and dog at heel sit you can just hook thumb into your jeans pocket.
    Hold tab always unless dog is retrieving.
    Do not use leash for training at all. Training tab and pinch collar along with ecollar only.
    For tests you need a "traffic lead" with choke chain built in.
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    Personally I think it varies as the dog gets older. With a young dog put the collar on right out of the truck or even while the dog is still on the truck.
    As the dog gets older and more proficient you should vary when you put the collar on. Truck, first holding blind, second holding blind, and at the line. The dogs are intelligent enough to know what's up.
    If you put the collar on and correct for something on the way to the first holding blind the dog will probably be compliant on the way to the line from the second
    holding blind.
    I guess you could put the collar on at the truck and choose to correct for something on the way from the second holding blind to the line. Overlooking an infraction in the first holding blind. But again they know what's up.
    I think your idea of multiple holding blinds is worth the effort. It's also good to not use one occasionally, walk to the line and keep going. Bypassing a mat, and walk a slow circle back behind the line then back to the mat. There are things that can be done alone that can't be done in a group because it takes up too much time.
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