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Thread: Forums about waterfowl hunting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Atkinson View Post
    How many of you remember "Hoosier Jim's Duckblind"?

    I hunted with Hoosier Jim in Canada once. What a trip!

    RIP Hoosier Jim Burhans.... Chris
    I still have my FI Till I Die ball cap and a pair of Doc Hull duck calls ......

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    LOL...I remember Jim. There were FIs and FEs and nothing else. I also bought two calls from Chester and later sold them...couldn't get them to work for me. I remember the fuge back to the old forum. if you call it that. I remember Benny's rants and in particular during the 9-11 incident.
    The Fuge is OK, but now mostly gippygop. Be careful not to piss off the mods or your days are limited. Look cross-eyed and your gone. I would lurk for awhile and see if that is want you want.
    For geese as mention above, flocknockers is by far the site to go....You will learn a lot if you are a beginner.
    As far as duck sites, some mention above are good sites...also look at the upland sites as well...

    Well...enough of this, I'm back to shed training.

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    You may wish to take a look at

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