Covered California Exchange ... $78 million budget shortfall
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Thread: Covered California Exchange ... $78 million budget shortfall

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    Default Covered California Exchange ... $78 million budget shortfall
    Why am I not surprised that the CA exchange found themselves about 20% over budget? Their budget was just under $400 million of which about 1/4 was for outreach (a/k/a advertising).

    They spent $1.37 million on an outreach program featuring Richard Simmons.
    One of their state senators is calling for an audit of the agency.
    Covered California faces a $78 million deficit during the next fiscal year due to cutbacks in federal funding. Gaines learned of the $1.37 million campaign cost from He had previously sought to obtain the information from Covered California Director Peter Lee, but received no response.

    “What a waste of money — oh, my gosh,” state Sen. Ted Gaines said in an interview. “I looked at the video and was blown away that they would spend money on that. And for them to think that people would want to sign up for health insurance from seeing it? Give me a break.”
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    Oh nos!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    Oh nos!
    Do you defend this crap?
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    Additional waste of money leads to one problem in the U.S. The end game in states like California leads to the raises of their taxes and the population continues to exit at a faster rate, taking along their liberal voting tendencies, screwing up surrounding states. However, they continue to be repopulated by illegals, which will have voting rights by the 2020 census, and likely have the same number of representatives in the house.

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    I hope all of the $1.37 million for advertising was not spent on Richard Simmons rolling around on the floor. It was ridiculous. No, it was sheer idiotcy. No doubt Simmons smiled all the way to the bank.

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