1st heat,WOW is she WHACKY
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Thread: 1st heat,WOW is she WHACKY

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    Default 1st heat,WOW is she WHACKY

    At 22 mo. Shadows 1st heat started last week,I'm guessing. Noticed few spots here and there so far.
    A few days back she was over running marks,coming around on the bumper and finally picking it up for the retrieve. Just not normal.
    She has always been affectionette,but, she won't leave my side.
    Following me into kitchen,bedroom,bathroom. She knows??? that those places are off limits. On the couch next to me as soon as I sit on it. Never before. Sitting at the computer she is here too.Sometimes standing a minute or 2 looking like she is lost.
    Never had to deal with this before,hope it ends soon and isn't this crazy the next time.

    No female jokes!!! Just not as funny as they used to be.
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    It's tough being a female. Maybe you will have more sympathy for the women in your life now : )


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    Those WHACKY FEMALES. Welcome to the club. We have 3. Sometimes they run their best trials right before coming in; sometimes they have lost their marbles. They will be clingy (what you are experiencing) and have to be at your side at all times. You have to get used to it. That's just the way they are. Expect some humping.


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    Yep, mine had all kinds of interesting ideas about how to accomplish a mark and return during her first heat. Second heat went much better, training wise. Fasten your seat belt...

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    Yup!..Some get all 'clingy' and others get that 'bog off' I'm off and scenting head!
    Others actually turn up a gear when in season and go like the wind!!....If the regulations allowed it, I had one particular one that was on rocket fuel and would go like lightning and perform perfect when in season!.....Oh the joys!!
    All the best .
    One Shooter One Spaniel One Retriever

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    Keep track of it. Some girls lose focus before their cycle, some after.
    Write the date down, so if she starts getting whacky during training, you will know why and not get frustrated.
    2 1/2 weeks from now, she will be back to her normal rocketship self.

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