"Tag Pet Tracker" anyone used one?
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Thread: "Tag Pet Tracker" anyone used one?

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    Default "Tag Pet Tracker" anyone used one?

    I got a call at work the other day saying that the Kids accidently let Trigger out and now he's gone.... Needless to say I ran home and after a half hour search found him and got him home safe and sound. I know I know.... I have been looking around and found "Tag Pet Tracker" interested if anyone has used it and how well it works? Thanks

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    I haven't used it, but in looking at their coverage map zoomed in, there are several pretty large dead zones in MN, one is very close to where we train. If I were looking for gps for our dog, I'd look for something that wasn't a service, and maybe for something integrated with an e-ollar like the sportdog TEK series...though I'm not all that thrilled with sportdog. That's just me though...I don't really like the idea of having to have a monthly service fee, nor do I like the idea of my dog's gps location being available to other people other than me. maybe I'm overthinking it, but anything can be hacked, and it seems like the Taggsystem could be vulnerable to that. With hunting dogs worth $$$$$$ that maes me think twice.

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    Most of the GPS collars will have to be recharged regularly... but they work great! Look at Garmin for info... the only issue is that sometimes you have to have both the receiver and collar on for it to work accurately before the dog is at long range which could be problematic if the receiver is turned on after the fact. fwiw

    Oh I did see a thing about to be released by Nokia its a dongle that you put on your key ring .... in the event you lose your keys it tracks the dongle to or from your phone.. sounds interesting...
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    We use them on our Livestock Guardian Dogs. Love them and haven't have any problems. We recharge twice a day--while we feed and the dogs are in the barn.
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