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Thread: Downhill slide sucks!

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    PAWZ work well too. You can order them from Amazon. They are light latex booties that fit over their feet. I used them for a while on my dogs hind feet to prevent slipping and to help her get up when she was having back end problems. Also help keep paws from getting injured if they are scuffing their feet. Go to PAWZ website to get correct size.

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    This hits way to close to home right now. My 13yo+ CLM who I got when I was in college and has been by my side ever since has reached that point. The appointment is tomorrow morning. I don't know how I'm going to do it.

    He he has been by my side all these years. Was there the day I met my wife. Has moved with me to 8 different homes 4 different cities and half way across the country. We had many days shared in a duck blind in all types of hunting situations and conditions. I'm completely heartbroken.

    I have struggled with this decision as he doesn't have one overwhelming issue but several that have lead to a deterioration of quality of life. His back end has just about given out, he has developed a chronic cough and has trouble breathing at times, among other things. It isn't fair to him. I don't want him to suffer. He has given me too much. He is on an extensive drug protocol to help as much as possible but it just doesn't seem to be helping as much anymore. I think I am making the right decision but it doesn't make it any easier.

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    After loosing a young one unexpectedly and then slowly watching my heart dog grow old and take "slide downhill", I think I'd rather take the doesn't nearly suck as loosing one at 2.5. But I do get the OPs sentiments....these silly dogs wiggle their way into our hearts and leave their paw prints, those prints never go away, the hard part is they take a chunk of our heart with them across the rainbow bridge, too. And that is why it hurts. But I will say, Flash eased me into the inevitable with such compassion...he gave me little hints everyday, just enough so my brain could come to terms with what I could not stop. He also reinforced just how much he loved me and I attempted to enjoy every second of it just like Kwicklabs did with Taffy....I have to say, as much as I love puppy breath, there is nothing like but burying you face into his neck and hugging them while they lean against you and hug you back...or those lazy days of lounging on the couch with them snuggling you! Oh the memories...I pray and hope all my dogs grow old gracefully and I'm at their side to help them with their journeys end, it's the very least I can do for all they give to me!

    ps - thanks for the idea of using boots/nail thingies to help with their grip on slippery a 10 year old that may need them.
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    Good idea on the Pawz things; I may try some for my almost 14 yr. old Chesapeake, Puffin. She has trouble getting up and her legs, especially the back ones, are really wobbly on hardwood/tile floors. Once she's been up and moving around awhile, she's OK. Another thing that's helped her is laser and acupuncture treatments. Because I had a young dog that had spinal surgery to repair 2 ruptured discs, I started taking Puffin along to the rehab and it's really made a difference, her rear end even looks better, less atrophied and more muscle since the treatments. I am enjoying every day with the old lady, she's lost none of her spunk and bossiness although I do have to decide what she can and can't do for her since she still wants to do everything the younger dogs do and can still flatten each and every one, even her big ox of a son, with her stink eye.
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    Kwick, All I can say is Great tribute to Taf.
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    Kwick great post. Had trouble reading it. These dogs get into our hearts as FOM stated. My heart dog is Blackie. It's tough!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalouseDogs View Post
    The worst part of a gradual downhill slide is that there's no clear-cut point at which you say, "It's time." I hate the thought of waiting until they truly cannot stand, but as long as they are still ambulatory and eating well (voraciously, for both of them), I can't call the vet. Lots of people will say "You'll know when it's time," but everyone else must have more insight than I do, because I've never once felt I know when it was time.
    I have to agree with this whole heartedly. My 11 year YLW Female Tanner was diagnosed 14 months ago with cancer in her mouth. She exceeded the initial life prognoses of 6 months. That year I took her out for her last hunt and she/we had fun. I've had her run in training a couple of times since and the stinker still has it. The last training session in December she could not pick up the bumper due to pain. This girl launched me through Senior and I will be forever grateful to her. I will always will remember her for that. Now the days are getting shorter. She has developed lumps all over. We are medicating the pain and just plain giving her the LOVE. I wish they could tell us what hurts.

    My wife says she hope she goes in her sleep, I too. Our last one was Orion and he spent the last two days in a bedroom. We pained over when? On the last day, I was heading to work as normal and he bolted out of the bedroom, beat me to the door, collapsed in front of me then eliminated. He was telling me it was time ...... so it was ....
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    I hate watching them get old, have one that's 14 and tougher than a boot, still tries to keep up with the young dogs and doesn't do a bad job but it's always there. I always hope I will know the right thing to do and not let them get past the point where they are not having fun anymore.
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    As much as I hate watching them get old, I'd rather be along for that ride then not. After losing one at 15 months, with out warning, I learned that I'd rather be around with the old guys as they finish their ride.

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    This all makes me so anxious. My baby girl is 13 and still has the drive, but she gets a little shaky after a few runs. Some days I've practically convinced myself she's immortal. Maybe that's just my way of not contemplating the inevitable. I refuse to contemplate life without her.

    Those without hunting dogs, even other dog people, truly cannot grasp the depth of our bonds with our four-legged partners. I use the word "partner" in as literal sense there is. We become a team in the field (or boat). We learn to read each other. We know when the other has had enough, or isn't ready to quit just yet. The offended look on her face when I pull the trigger and they keep flying, the eager look of anticipation as she sees the splashdown, the pride in her eyes as she settles back in next to me and delivers the bird; you cannot replicate these experiences. These are the reasons I love what I do and cherish every second I have with her. These are not just dogs. They are partners, family, confidants, and so much more.
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