How strict during play time?
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Thread: How strict during play time?

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    Default How strict during play time?

    I just got my 10 month old YLF back from 8 weeks of formal training and had a question for all of you. I did contact her trainer and am waiting for a call back. She has been great with all commands but I'm wondering how to go about her play time in the yard, etc. Should I follow all commands (fetch, heel, hold, sit, mark......) when playing with a ball, etc? Including strict e-collar correction or should some of these play times be more relaxed. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Play is play!!! i dont give any formal retrieving commands when we playing.... Like mark, watch, heel, return to heel, whatever.. But i do enforce OB commands I dont care when i say sit Your butt hits the ground!!!!!!

    But make sure your dog can tell the difference between play and work time I didnt start "playing" with my current dog till i could tell he knew the diffrence... I dog can play on its own too! You dont have to "play" with them
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    We enforce some rules during play, for instance, manners. Like, no jumping up on people, or chasing cars or cats or other critters. We also want him to sit before he goes to get an object thrown for fun retrieves, and we want him to bring the item back to hand.

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