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Thread: OK Hunts - Big thanks to Richard Davis and Tim West/Aaaron Kelly Duck Club of OK

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    This was our canyon pond, which produced limits of ducks all season. The farmer said that it had never frozen over. In one night of 8 degrees and no wind, it did, and stayed that way for about a week. Really a bummer. Here's a pose at the "mallard tree" with two other guides, Mitch Trammell (my son in law) and Mathew Rosenbalm, an apprentice guide, after the last hunt of the season there.
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    Tim, it is a beautiful spot. I think we all were in shock when we crept up over the rim of the canyon valley and looked down to see ice.

    What a great time.

    I really appreciate the comments (I'm about to reference the Westminster discussion) about my boy Bus. He's not picked up too many ribbons in his day, but he makes me happy. Not bad for a curly-tailed black whippet.

    Funny trivia bit on my black whippet: 3 of his grandparents run back-to-back on setups in Mike Lardy's TOTAL RETRIEVER MARKING. His 4th grandma was half show dog. True story.... But frankly, I'm glad he looks more whippet than 2014 Best in Show.
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