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    How do you find a vet who will ignore that kind of obesity too? The first thing the vet does at our dog's appts is check the weight and examine the dog. He even has charts of pics of what an obese dog looks like at different angles. Then he discusses that with you. We used to have a middle aged redbone coohound who started to pack on a few extra lbs, and the vet caught it before we even noticed and had us on the lookout for causes.

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    We were watching the Olympics, but now that the photo has been posted Oh MY GOD!! AS a former livestock photographer I can tell you for a fact that that dog is NOT fat. You all think it is out of condition when, in fact it is over conditioned. Just a bit too much finish, that's all.

    Having fought my weight all my life, I know how carrying around extra pounds makes one feel and how it affects one's ability in the field. I will not have a fat dog. My dog is an athlete. The only positive thing I can say about that dog is that it is unlikely to drown. Bet that bitch floats like a cork.
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    There are a few members of the HRC clubs that I belong to that both run their dogs in hunt tests and show them and do pretty good in both venues. I give them a lot of credit for what they are doing. I still like my curly tailed whippet though.

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    Food for thought:

    Chessie entry: 14; 3 JHs, 3 SHs
    Curly entry: 8; 1 JH, 1MH
    Flat entry: 21; 6 JHs, 1 SH
    Golden entry: 38; 3 JHs
    Lab entry: 38; 3JHs, 1MH
    Toller entry: no titles

    These statistics are based on the dogs that were shown. I did not count absentees.

    Once again, I am humbled in the presence of the Flat-Coated Retriever people who work so hard to keep the form and function of their dogs a priority.
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    I missed the "Sporting" class but did see the terriers and on until the BOS. I picked the "Terrier" to win. My wife was rooting for the Bloodhound (seemed like the crowd favorite also). I bet the terrier would go down a foxhole if allowed. Not sure if the Bloodhound could catch up to the fugitive or not. HPW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illinois Bob View Post
    There are a few members of the HRC clubs that I belong to that both run their dogs in hunt tests and show them and do pretty good in both venues. I give them a lot of credit for what they are doing. I still like my curly tailed whippet though.

    I've often wondered what the standard would look like if ,like at Beagle Ft's they have a bench and field competition in the same trial and you can enter one or both classes, but generally the field work takes priority over the bench . I'd often see people enter the field and not the bench ,but rarely see someone just show up and enter the bench. I will say that in beagles the 2 worlds are closer together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdgnyc View Post
    I like Glenda Brown's sentiment on working Goldens. She suggests that conformation judges get out in the field and get to know what a working dog really does and which physical traits are useful
    How can everyone expect the judges to start awarding wins to better field type dogs if no one will enter them? Everyone has a cow every time a keg on legs is in the show ring but yet if people don't start showing other types how can you honestly expect things to change? Granted, it will take awhile for it to happen but people have to start showing the other types to the judges for them to have a choice if you want things to change!

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    This chart sums it up nicely I think:

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    Just a random thought. Could the reason for this ugly shapeless fat look be because that is what the vast majority of dog owners (Labs being the number 1 choice once again) see on their couch every night? In the end, it's all about money. There are relatively few of us field dog lovers, so the nod will go to the others. To me it's not even a matter of moderate or extreme. I believe the field dogs are gorgeous. The others look like caricatures of dogs, like plush stuffed animals look like the real bears and bunnies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChessieMom View Post
    This chart sums it up nicely I think:
    Excellent chart!

    The key here is the "tuck up." Ask any show Labrador person, they don't want tuck-up. They want a level line at the breast and belly without being obese.

    Those of us who have working dogs require our dogs to be athletic. We don't want them heavy and we don't want them thin.
    Kevin Walker

    Drive is the manifestation of Desire, and measured in Style.
    Thank you judges who score Style, you are preserving Desire!

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