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Thread: westminister

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    Guys you have it all wrong that was a pigador not a lab

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    Just a random thought. Could the reason for this ugly shapeless fat look be because that is what the vast majority of dog owners (Labs being the number 1 choice once again) see on their couch every night?
    No. It is as simple as this -- "Form follows function." It is a well known fact.

    Look at fashion models and female beauty pageant contestants (at their competition weight), how many of them can bear children, nurture them, care for a house and husband, or hold down a job outside the home? That is not their "function." Their function is to look beautiful, so their form is to have oversized breasts, tiny waists, long thin legs with little muscle, no fat at all, and skinny hips. Pretty to look at but not meant for the real world.

    It is the same in the dog world.
    Kevin Walker

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    Thank you judges who score Style, you are preserving Desire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1st retriever View Post
    How can everyone expect the judges to start awarding wins to better field type dogs if no one will enter them? Everyone has a cow every time a keg on legs is in the show ring but yet if people don't start showing other types how can you honestly expect things to change? Granted, it will take awhile for it to happen but people have to start showing the other types to the judges for them to have a choice if you want things to change!
    The show committee picks the judges for our Specialty. There is not one single trialer/hunter on the committee. There are some who make an appearance at Hunting Tests. My gut feeling, without actually talking to anyone in Conformation but from overhearing comments, is that choice of judges is based upon what type of Golden the judge likes. And the show people own what has become the complete opposite of a hunting dog. That is for around here and I won't comment on other areas.
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    Bottom line: The judges should both know and judge by the breed standard. It's not acceptable for a judge to ignore the standard for a breed, but unfortunately there is zero accountability and it's done all the time. Bravo to any judge who will put up a moderate dog instead of an out of balance, overweight dog that looks very little like the standard calls for.
    Sharon Potter


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    Team Huntsmith

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    A friend of mines showbitch just had a singleton form her litter

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    I had to walk away from the TV and hold my breath w/ the group judging last night, I was so disappointed in what the breed judge selected to represent us in the group. Thankfully the group judge passed over the breed judge's selection.
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    Well...look on the bright side, he wasn't white-red-or silver. And I didn't see him point anything. Ha
    Matt Misar ,Misarskennels.com

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    A friend put her field lab in the hands of a pro handler. He got his championship but had to put on about 15lbs. The pro also knew what judges to show him under. The bottom line is you can be BOS one day and nor even take group the next. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder on any given day be darned the standards.

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    To me it's not just a fat issue, these dogs are all holding excess weight but look much more functional to me. Is there a tipping point where the breed club starts to insist that judges breed closer to the standard? I keep hearing the judges can't judge them if they don't get them but there are moderate dogs being shown so that is a cop out IMHDAO.
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    Y'all quit hating. I just showed my boy "Jack" the photo of the bitch posted above and he looked at me as if to say "I'd hit that". It is quite obvious that our dogs and the show ring dogs are worlds apart. However, to each their own, and I'm just glad to see people from all walks of life participating in varying dog sports. How far away are we from seeing a "Silver" win best of breed?

    Lonnie Spann
    DISCLAIMER: The above post is the opinionated and biased view of your's truly, Lonnie Spann, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinions or views of the unfortunate individuals named below who just happen to be doomed with guilt by association.

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