Thoughts on Raw hide??
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Thread: Thoughts on Raw hide??

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    Default Thoughts on Raw hide??

    To give a little back ground... I have a 10 year FYL and an 11 month old BLM. I have always let my female in the house in the evenings throughout the winter and when doing so I would give her a raw hide bone to keep her occupied for awhile. Usually she chews on it for a few minutes and then falls asleep. My young male is some what of a maniac and has some mouth issues, he has some anxiety with bumpers and dokens and I dont want to be adding to the issues by giving him a rawhide to chew on. He has been through force fetch but still is has what I call a nervous mouth he always wants to be chomping on something. Still being very young I would think this is something he will likely grow out of but as I said I don't want to be adding insult to injury here.
    With out something for him to do he simply cant be trusted in the house yet, but I really would like to have him in the house in the evenings so my family and I can enjoy his company in the cold winter months.
    Thoughts and Ideas??

    Thanks, Heath

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    Nylabones help me keep my house. They have never caused mouth issues for me with my dogs. Those are addressed by what you are doing with FF. The only problem is don't get the huges ones because they hurt when they are dropped in your lap by a playful Lab.
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    I buy Nylas here too (even the big ones that yes, DO hurt when dropped on toes!). No rawhide... I have found the really piggy/aggressive chewers just eat the rawhide and it can cause blockages if so....

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    Naylabones/Kongs are better alternatives for chewing. They last, the costs of rawhide adds up, I buy the large nylabone, the "Souper" will last many months, you can stuff a Kong with their kibble for kennel entertainment. We have 7 dogs, 5 our own, two others here for training, they all spend time in the house and they all have their time chewing on the bones. Teeth look great. I do recommend a nightly "Nylabone roundup" so no one gets hurt walking in the night!

    For the "busy body", I would recommend keeping a crate in your house somewhere the busy one can see you. We kennel when we eat, or for an hour or so to teach your pup the command "quiet" in the kennel and teaches them to relax in the house. Let your pup out only when they've been quiet. Use "sit" and "stay" when you open the crate door, call them to you and give the big love!
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    No rawhide in my house. I had a dog once that would chew the heck out of a rawhide and get it nice and slimmy then swallow it whole. Luckily he puked it back up but it could have been cause for surgery.
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    No rawhides in my house or near my dogs. They cause way too many problems be it super loose stool to choking hazards. My dogs only get beef shanks from the meat locker. Those leg bones are cut, contain great marrow and don't break off in shards because they're not cooked. They last forever too where as I've seen dogs break off chunks of nylabones in a quick sitting.
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