I trained next to my small pond back last month and went on and set my wingers for what I was planning for the next day. (Which is my normal routine) I ended up getting called in to sub and didn't get out to the farm. The next evening we got a huge rain that filled up the pond to the point that my winger was in about a foot of water, the release was under when I went back out to get them. I didn't have my boots so I just left that winger. It sat in the water for over 3 wks. before I got it and brought it home. Left it sitting under the deck waiting on a servo replacement and oiling before I used it again. Well, I pulled it out the other day and before changing the servo I plugged in my electronics just to see if it would work and low and behold it moved without issue. We used it in training Monday afternoon and it fired every time. I couldn't believe after the servo was under water for at least 3 wks it didn't ruin the motor.