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Thread: Barking

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    If it hits the eye it stings. Double correction. One person has suggested that it may burn the eye, but I personally haven't had that happen yet. I think the tears protect the eyeball.

    Thanks Susan. Luckily I haven't had to go that route..... Yet. I was just curious is all on what it would do to the dogs eyes.

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    I should know better.....but.....

    "Sounds likes you have a high roller? You need to instilled your dominance on this pup and start now. Let the pup know and show it. Hopefully you don't have an alpha."

    High roller? barking?.......pup.....That's a connection I wouldn't make.

    Instilling dominance is not exactly a great way to bond with a pup.

    He said the pup was doing well....except for the barking. Why would the "alpha card" be in the picture?

    "Why don't you want to use a bark collar?"

    I'd like to know this? Why rule out a simple solution.....that works? A persistent, barking pup is a pain know what. Reluctance to do what a pup needs should not depend on inflexible perspectives. All the other things that could be fun and that you should be focused on can be tainted by this aggravation.

    Myself.... even though others like the "spray" approach, I find timing a major issue. especially when the bark collar is quick, consistent and FAIR. Just learn how to use it properly.

    This is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Don't make it into one.

    Kind of grumpy this morning regards, Jim
    Jim Boyer

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    Here's an alternative to corrective methods.

    Spend some time teaching him how to get out of the crate by sitting quietly and waiting to come out until invited.

    Make a point of NOT coming to his crate when he barks.

    It takes patience, but it works...

    You'll need 30-50 repetitions to get it cemented so depending on how many times a day he comes out of the crate... and how much you work with him... the problem can go away quickly or persist for a while.

    I personally like the idea of using +r for this as it starts the foundation for the dog's overall life where...

    He should get nothing without sitting quietly first (read "at the line with fliers going off").

    Squirt guns and bark collars definitely work, but the behavior tends to come back and may need constant maintenance. They will either do the behavior when the collar isn't present or when you're not there to correct them.

    Extincting the behavior by not rewarding it tends to promote a more permanent result, generally.
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    Darrin Greene

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    A training principle we swear by is that a noisy dog never gets attention*. If the pup is barking it needs to be ignored until he calms down. The video linked is a good strategy.

    *One exception is the 3am wake up bark by a 9 week old puppy who's about to pee in the crate because you forgot to take the water away early enough in the evening.

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