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Thread: Inspired By the dog food ranking thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodyC View Post
    Cool. Thanks a lot.

    Makes no sense to me, People swear by purina pro plan, people swear by Dr. Tims. Thing I don't understand is that with science and technology the way it is today, there should be a definition of what ingredients are best for a working dog.
    The one i switched just couldn't tolerate PPP, although it is a good food. (I have other dogs on PPP with no problem). COrn is a cheap source of energy, and there is nothing wrong with it. I switched to Dr. Tim's because I had to. I did a ton of research. Learned more about dog food than I care to know. Dog was gasy and couldn't dispel it, would blow diarehea through his crate onto my walls. Couldn't gain weight. I made a switch, but that food didn't have a high enough fat content, so upon recommendation by a veterinary nutritionist, we started looking at sled dog foods. I needed to stay away from Barley because of gas... and Dr. Tim's becamse the choice. The dog's coat is great, his weight is up, and he has solid stools for the first time in his life. Energy level is back up. IF he gets gas, he can dispel it. I was hesitant at first because I couldn't go to the store and buy it. But, I have found I like having the dog food show up at my front door.

    I am in the middle of switching another one to Dr. Tim's that I am having some issues with. I don't think you can ask for better quality, the iditarod teams feed it, and it works for my dog. Also, Dr. Tim is easily accessible.
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    Curious about all life stages dog food. Right now I am buying puppy, large breed adult, and senior formulas. I don't really mind but is is necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntingchef View Post
    Curious about all life stages dog food. Right now I am buying puppy, large breed adult, and senior formulas. I don't really mind but is is necessary?
    Just one more plus of feeding Dr.Tim's Pursuit. I've got 3 dogs ranging from just under 4 months to 14 years ,all on Dr.Tim's and seen improvements in both mature dogs in energy and coat . I did have to back down on portions to help maintain weight.

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    Well maybe I will give it a try. My dog's poop varies but sometimes it is not as consistent as it should be. It seems to be pretty reputable from the people that I have talked to about. So much hype on PPP I didn't think it could get much better.

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