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Thread: Gentle Lead

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    Default Gentle Lead

    I was walking my pup on the Branson landing and a guy stopped and started talking to me about something called a gentle lead. I have never heard of such but apparently it is some kind of harness that also goes around the pups snout. Anyone used it? Thoughts and comments on it?

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    I've had lots of good luck with a tried-and-true method of a slip lead around the neck. A nice large diameter prevents any pulling from digging in too bad when you're teaching the basics of heel.

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    Supposedly, they do stop dogs from pulling when the dog is wearing it. I have chosen not to use one for any of our dogs because of how it corrects pulling and how it fits over the dog's snout. I also don't think it would be an effective training tool because I don't think it would be effective to try use a leash correction during different training commands on leash with this collar. I also wonder if it could hurt the dog's neck if you were to give a tug as a correction, because it pulls the head and neck off to the side.

    I have heard of regular pet owners who just want a dog who will walk nicely using it with success. I have not seen it recommended by real dog trainers or owners who train their dogs for more than just that using it.

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    In my opinion it's a solution for people who don't actually train their pets. Most people on this board are willing to train, LOL, and most of our dogs are *more* than pets. I've seen head halters of various types that were poorly fitted and the dogs wearing them were miserable: the straps were way too close to their eyes and they were constantly scratching at the thing trying to get it off. If you want to use one, make sure it fits.
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    I take all of my puppies to obedience class. Some people use it, and have great success. I do not use it. I still use slip lead and pinch collar.
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    All of my obedience classes recommend using the pinch collar (PC). All of my pro trainers also recommend using a pinch collar also.....

    I know people have success using harnesses, choke chains, etc. But, I have found the PC to be very effective, at least for me...

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    It's called a Gentle Leader Head Halter. It does control the dogs head and can teach a dog not to pull on walks. I am sure their are videos on YOUTUBE about how to use them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pam Spears View Post
    In my opinion it's a solution for people who don't actually train their pets.
    I think this is correct. The gentle leader seems to be the favored option for those who can't or won't train their dogs not to pull. I had one once and tried it. Nothing wrong with them that I can see, but like a collar, it needs to fit properly

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    A bit of information.

    The Gentle Leader Collar was originally called the promise collar and was invented by a veterinarian and animal behaviourist Dr. Robert “R.K.” Anderson who passed away in 2012. Here is a link about him

    The collar works wonders for people that have dogs that are out of control and pull a lot. They help a lot but are no substitute for the time and effort that goes into good training. They do need to be fitted to the individual dog.

    If you google "gentle Leader" there is a lot of information and it is widely recommended by many animal behaviourits.

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    Halti, also known as Gentle Leader or head collar, is basically a training tool similar to a halter worn by horses. It goes over the dog’s head with the large loop going around the dog’s neck and the smaller loop going around the muzzle. It works by steering the dog's nose and then the body follows. However, it can cause severe injury to the neck and spine. If something were to catch your dog's attention and they were to lunge out to the end of the lead, it would pop the head sideways risking spine injury. You're better off using a pinch collar. For a puppy, I would get the mini-prong (meant for small dogs) and add links as they grow. I still use the mini prong on my adult dogs as they don't have a thick double coat.
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