Being helpful is not always helpful
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Thread: Being helpful is not always helpful

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    Default Being helpful is not always helpful

    This morning I was walking to get my car from the shop. I saw a chassis mount pulled over on the side of the road with out of state plates. It was my day off today and I had things to do but nothing that was urgent, so I thought I would offer to throw birds. It is something I have always done when I have the time, offering to be a free birdboy for the day or weekend or help out in a test or trial in my area. I quit training a few years ago, don't even have a dog now, but I remember how hard it is to find good bird boys and places to train,, so I always offer, especially to out of area folks who may not have places to train readily available. And truth be known, I really enjoy throwing birds and helping people out. Sitting out in the field, watching the handler get dog after dog off the truck. I could do it all day, never run a dog and be content.

    I walked up to the truck and waved, as it was starting to pull away. Oh well, I thought. They must not have seen me. Then I saw the truck pull over, just a few yards ahead. Oh they did see me, I thought and walked back up to the truck. The woman inside was screaming at me before she even got the window down. I was so shocked I could not even understand the actual words that were spewing forth from her mouth. I saw her eyes blazing anger and heard " What! What!? youre going to make all my dogs bark" , but the rest of the words were just a blur. I apologized and said something about just wanted to see if she needed someone to throw birds for her, and I got the heck away.

    Lesson learned. Next time I see a dog truck I will not offer to throw or make available a training place, or even stop to chat.

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    Don't let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. Unfortunately, giving or offering can backfire, but my theory is if I can help 10 people and 1 doesn't appreciate it, its still way worth it.

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    No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished.

    Sounds like the driver was wound a little tight this morning.

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    I'll take a free bird boy any day! I have to pay my nephew (8th grade) to help throw birds. But it's worth it. He get's some spending cash and we get to spend some quality time outside.
    ~Willie Alderson

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    Yeah, feel free to stop by and help me! I can always use a extra bird boy and if my dogs bark, well I'll take care of that!
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    Same here; could use help always but I away far away. She must be having a bad day! Ignore it!
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    *points to right palm*


    Come to Michigan. I'd love to train with someone.

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    I've yet to meet a reasonable dog person who wasn't incredibly friendly and would generally talk your ear off about... usually about dogs.

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    PMS or menopause .
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    You can come throw birds for me whenever!!!!!! Bring a coat tho it's cold up here right now!!!

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