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Thread: What the heck is wrong with some people...

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    Senior Member Jerry Beil's Avatar
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    Default What the heck is wrong with some people...

    A friend of mine emailed me a picture of a lab puppy the other day. I asked where'd you get that because I've tried to get him to get a pup to train with me in the past with no luck. I was fixin' to be mad that he didn't ask for my help finding a pup, but not too mad.

    Anyway he told me the story.

    His son was driving on Ten Ten Road in the Garner area in NC. He saw a car stop in front of him and the driver side door open, and something black get dropped out of the car. As he pulled up, he looked over to see what it was and saw a lab pup.

    Little Chocolate pup, the vet says it looks to be all lab. 7 or 8 weeks old.

    Can't think of anything that justifies dropping a 7 week old pup on the side of the road, not to mention a the winter storm approaching...

    Anyhow, I think they're going to keep the pup and he said he'd like to train him to retrieve. They've named him Brew cause he's coffee colored. Vet say no worms and no fleas.
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    Senior Member Marissa E.'s Avatar
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    This is sad.

    With all the resources in the world today at our finger tips (the internet) the only reason people do this stuff must be laziness.

    Edit: talking about the person whom tossed the puppy out. I know if I had come across this puppy it would have been coming home with me too!

    Marissa Everett

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    Senior Member John Montenieri's Avatar
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    Your friend is a kind soul, in the right place at the right time. You never know what you get in the dog but I got a last puppy, smallish for a lab and she turned out to be a wonderful competing and hunting dog. She's now retired and hangs out with my wife when I'm out training. She's live a good life and I'm better off for having her. Good luck to Brew and your friend.

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    Senior Member P J's Avatar
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    Wow, what a lucky pup to have someone like your friend's son see it happen and stop to pick him up.

    Sad world we live in, the way some people treat animals and each other.

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    Did your friend get the tag number of the car that dropped the pup on the side of the road?
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    Senior Member The Snows's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by freezeland View Post
    Did your friend get the tag number of the car that dropped the pup on the side of the road?
    Exactly what I was thinking .....

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    Senior Member Jennifer Henion's Avatar
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    On the bright side, this may be the start of something wonderful for your friend and that pup - and you too as a mentor! Something that wouldn't have happened otherwise... maybe

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    Member Majja13's Avatar
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    Glad you friend was there to save little Brew. hope they got the tag number and turned them in.

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    Senior Member windycanyon's Avatar
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    That puppy is in a much better place by the sounds of it. People disgust me all too often these days.

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    Senior Member huntinman's Avatar
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    It's not laziness, it's cruelty. What if the friend had not been there. Maybe a coyote instead... Or a speeding semi? If the jerk didn't want the pup, at least take it to the pound...
    Bill Davis

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