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Thread: Newbie in search of answers!

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    Default Newbie in search of answers!

    Good evening folks. My name is Chris and I am a beginner at the hunt test sport. I had purchased a yellow lab female back in 2012 but due to my military orders/deployments I gave her to my good friend in Texas who has been doing this for years. He said I can have her back whenever I wanted her but as a friend of his I would not do such a thing after he has all this time and money invested in her training. So I have decided that by the end of this year or early 2015 I will be in search of bringing home a new puppy. I have been in talkings with Chris Akin's wife and I have his contact information and I will be in touch with him soon. The reason why I am posting this is to get as much knowledge as I can from you all. my goals/what i want out of my pup is a bird dog but I also want to dive in to the Hunt Test world. I would love to have a MH dog. That is my goal. As far as a training program, what are some recommendations or information can you all share with someone like myself who is just starting out. I have the Chris Akin DDB DVD's and I had the Mike Lardy's TRT before I sold them.(I also had a hard time understanding Mike Lardy; Wasn't easy for this rookie) I want to gain a lot of knowledge before the puppy arrives so I that way he/she will have nothing but success. Thank you guys. All the help is appreciated.



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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    Did you have TRT 2d edition? Some beginners
    prefer Smartworks by Evan Graham. Also there is Fowl Dogs by Rick Stawski.

    For the young ones I like Sound Beginning DVD by Jackie Mertens and Training a Retr. Puppy by Bill Hillman.

    Lardy has some very good written material that is a complication of his Retriever Journal articles. Vol. 1 is excellent for beginners and it is only $30. See banner above.
    Wayne Nutt
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    I did have the new revised edition. I will take a look at the recommendations you have made. Thanks for all your help.


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    DVDs and articles can be a tremendous help, but the best thing for someone new to anything is getting hands on experience and learn from an actual person. If your friend who has your yellow lab can help you out all the better. Learn as much as you can from them, then when you start to get a grasp on things you can start making sense of all the information that is available (DVDs etc.) p

    Have someone take you under their wing and learn from them. Use the DVDs and other info as a reference once you get a solid understanding. Your new pup will thank you down the road because you'll be teaching him rather than both of you learning together.
    ~Willie Alderson

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    Makes total sense. I appreciate it.


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    Any else have any suggestions?

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    Senior Member Dave Farrar's Avatar
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    I would be looking to join a retriever club. This will put you with like minded people to train with. Also, spend a day at a hunt test.

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    I was part of a retriever club when I was in San Antonio, TX but since moving up here to VA there isn't anything close by. I must say I miss Texas a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian.guzman View Post
    I was part of a retriever club when I was in San Antonio, TX but since moving up here to VA there isn't anything close by. I must say I miss Texas a lot.
    There are a several clubs (both AKC and HRC) in Virginia and surrounding states - where are you located?
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    I am in Hampton, VA.

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