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Thread: Big D...120 Master limit Full in less than 10 min,

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    First 24 hours after opening ... entry restricted to untitled dogs (not yet MH).

    Next 24 hours ... entry restricted to dogs not yet qualified for MN.

    Unrestricted after that.

    This would give priority to those seeking the baseline title, no distinction between pro or am. Secondly, this gives everyone else a 24-hour "heads-up" after the initial opening so everyone has a fair shot to be ready at their keyboards for the big entry surge.


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    I posted something along those lines on the other thread and someone asked how that was fair to the owners whose dogs were with a popular pro...... The untitled dogs might not get in if the pro was trying to qualify a string of MN dogs..... I guess to me there are two options then, or three. Get a different pro, run your own dog, or have the pros have assistants running some of the dogs....... All three would get more people in the sport.... Either more pros having dogs to run, more owners running there own dogs, or some young assistant trainers getting some time on the line.....
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    I want to watch somebody with 30 dogs have to honor!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pwyxit63 View Post
    just for conversation, with the following premise:
    (if my premise is wrong, please correct me to aid the hypothetical solution)

    -a club holds an event for 3 days primarily due to the supply of labor (workers)

    is it feasible, to create a company that would provide clubs the labor to hold events over a longer period of time?

    the purpose of this would be to allow pros to run Wednesday/ Thursday, non pros Saturday/ Sunday utilizing the same grounds?

    IF it is feasible, what would this company need to provide a club to aid successfully?

    There are organizations that handle the whole kit and caboodle in the show world (MB-F, for example). However dog shows are way more lucrative and grounds are not really an issue. We do hire bird boys--basically a donation to the ROTC organization which brings volunteers--is a real bargain. Paying full freight, would be pretty expensive.

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    I will mention Bryan College Station was full I believe January 25th or around there with a 180 limit master. This particular test closed yesterday and if you watched throughout the day there were enough scratches to get entered. Last night was still full as of late, but today I see it ended up at 172.

    Having to enter 5 weeks before the test on this one just to get in then the cooler weather and not getting some of the newer running master dogs in the water enough may have been reason for that many scratches as well? Seems like you can get in to some of these if you watch for scratches.

    The way I look at the limit the only people that win are entry express cause they keep the 4.50 on all scratched dogs and all the new dogs that took those places!
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    Each day, limit each entry-express account to only being able to enter one dog per venue, do this each day until the venue is full. Then let people enter in case of scratches. (Since I only run one dog I kind of really like this idea...

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    I have been in the hunt test game for many many years. I run, serve on 2 boards, judge, been a hunt test chair, train 3-4 days/wk. Took many lumps early on. Drove home on sunday more frequently with a lesson than with a ribbon. Took my dogs through JH, HR, SH, HRCH, and MH. My current dog is ready to do the Master. As we were working our way up through the levels with this dog, I began to see more and more pro-handled dogs in the lower levels..including Junior. I was amazed that people were willing to pay to have a dog trained and handled to a JH.
    Last fall I went to enter my dog in her first master at my home club where I work and am on the board. I found that 2 pros had 48 dogs in our master and the test was full. I went and worked at the test, but didn't much like it. Felt I was subsidizing those people that stay home and write checks while I was shut out.
    Now what? My options seem to be: take up bowling, stay strictly with HRC, jump up to field trials, continue as is and risk not being able to get in the tests and go work for those check book trainers.
    I am not anti pro.. most all those guys are really nice guys trying to earn a living. However they are in a profession competing with my hobby.
    I have also watched the bar get raised over the years as a result of these full time paid trainers, making it even tougher for those of us that just want to take our duck dogs out and get a ribbon.
    I don't really understand the satisfaction some of you get from having someone else training your dog and calling you on sunday night to tell you that your dog got a ribbon.
    If it were up to me, my club would get out of the master national member classification. But, I also understand that we have driven so many Am's out that we probably wouldn't have enough entries to pay the bills.
    Greg Bell

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    Quote Originally Posted by achiro View Post
    I stand by my statement that pros have no business handling in hunt tests but I understand we've gone too far down that rabbit hole so the only way to maintain the intent of hunt tests is to at least give priority to the amateur. This is what I said in the other thread:

    The only other option that makes sense to me would be to limit entries to a number(3) on the first day then open it to however many the club wants each day after that. Heck, even the pros might like that when their clients get into bidding wars to make fido one of the first 3 dogs.
    Frankly I'm a little surprised that there are folks throwing ideas around that either favor the pro or put them on equal ground with the am. This is a HUNT TEST! They were never intended to involve pros.
    I agree with this 100%. This is a game created and designed for Amateurs. Pros earn their living by training dogs and people. When the time comes to see what they have learned, let the pros step back out of the way. I am not anti pro, I am pro growing a great sport by bringing in new people. Leave the FT's and SRS to the pros. I can always step up to run with them if I want to without destroying the programs. This issue is a monster created by ego and greed. Makes me want to puke.
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    Just a couple of quick thoughts then I'll go back into hibernation. I cannot help but believe that somewhere in Atlanta in a conference room is a man with a smile on his face saying "told you so". The solution to the fairness question could be for the opening date and time to be published to all in advance of electronic registration ... just my buck minus 98 cents worth... Now back to hibernation...

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    A talk I listened into the other day says pros have some else do their entries. My guess that someone else is a geek who runs a bot. The only way I can see an event filling in such short times as we are seeing is a bot.

    My solution?

    #1Bot prevention is those funny squiggly characters you have to decipher and enter before you go on to the next step in the order or whatever.

    #2Then an open time and date listed 3 days before opening.

    T said "First 24 hours after opening ... entry restricted to untitled dogs (not yet MH). Next 24 hours ... entry restricted to dogs not yet qualified for MN. Unrestricted after that."

    I like his idea there.

    The other thought I liked was only 1 entry by same handler per day. That could fail but could be blocked by only listing one handler per dog, not owner, co owner, pro like some do.
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