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Thread: Puppy Retrieving Question

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    Default Puppy Retrieving Question

    I have an 8wk BLF that is a ball of fire out of a great line of Champions that I am very excited about. The past week I have just been letting her be a puppy, meet the family and do socialization stuff. The past few days I have been taking her in the hallway and throwing a toy or small bumper. She runs to the bumper like a bat out of hell and either picks it up and drops it halfway or sits and chews on it. Once in a while she will bring it back. Im giving tons of praise either way because I love the CHASE drive she has. I have only been giving her one or maybe two tosses each day because as ive read, I want to leave her wanting more. My question is the wanting more. She seems to care less weather she gets another retrieve or not. I don't want to sound like im trying to push this dog too hard, just curious if it sounds like im doing things correct? Its been a long time since ive had a little pup around and the only reason Im even asking this question is because in Hillmanns puppy video he starts with a 10wk old pup and the pup seems to be bringing the bumper back pretty well. Should I expect to see this at 10wks. I would like to start hillmanns training at 10-12wks. Where should you expect the pup to be before starting this program. Just looking for honest opinions. Thanks

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    I havnt started anything with a lead yet as im under the impression that I should let her be WILD about retrieving before teaching anything else. Didn't know if this was correct or if I should have a lead on her to coax her back when she picks it up?

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    I have a five month old ball of retrieving fire from a FC/AFC to FC/AFC breeding. When I first brought her home, she was not at all interested in retrieving. Like you I was worried. Each morning, I would throw a toy down the hallway. Sometimes she would chase after it, sometimes not. I resisted the urge to try more retrieves, or try more frequently. After two weeks, the light bulb came on and we have never looked back. Patience.
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    She is a baby. You just brought her home. I would not be concerned at this age. When I start my pups retrieving, I sit at the end of a long hallway, close all the bedroom doors so they can't be distracted and I throw something down to the end of the hall. I have a stuffed tube sock that works perfectly. Some people use itty-bitty paint rollers. They run and get it I pull them back on a light string I've clipped on their collar. It's a very light string at that age. And I praise the daylights out of them when they come back to me, even if they don't bring the toy or object back with them. I also give little pieces of treat, about the size of a pencil eraser. I become the human Pez dispenser. Everything should be happy happy happy. 2-3 retrieves. That is all. It will all come in time.

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    It will happen! She is only 8 weeks and you just got her. Have fun!!!
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