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Thread: New suffix title QA2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    What is an appropriate Qual size? I see people describing small Quals, however I've been to 3 and all of them were 40+ dogs, I've been going to sign up for others the lowest one I can recall was 27, The only O/H qual we've had in this area was 32. These seem like pretty large numbers to me, for a competition that only give a 1st & 2nd for an (unoffical) QAA distinction and no point toward any other title.
    Around here 20 is about average. 30 is large, but the OHQs tend to be on the larger side. There is a FT Q next weekend that has 9. That is the smallest one I have seen in a while.
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    In New England the O/H Quals generally run between 12 to 20 dogs.

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