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Thread: Money in Hunt Tests

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    While several have touched on this I think it has still been underplayed. The amount of volunteer hours needed to put on a hunt test is tremendous. Even with a well oiled machine there is lots of planning months in advance and then last minute headaches that add to the pleasure. Judges sometimes cancel at the last minute, bird supplier doesn't have the quality of burds you expected, no one has a key to the club equipment trailer, etc.

    My personal favorite thathappened to me was with a NAHRA club I was test chair for. We having this on state land in southern Ohio. We didn't realize it was the same weekend as a pointer trial. We both had permits from the state. The pointer people were trying to tell me we had to go somewhere else, this was Friday afternoon the day before the test. Fortunately, it was a big area and we had a rather small test. The pointer folks were kind enough to let me know they had told all the local landowners that the retriever people would be the ones responsible for any crop damage. I looked at the guy and said our dogs are never out of sight?! As it turned out we only had one pointer interfere with a dog, it came running through the test and grab a duck. We were able to grab it and hold it until the owner came looking for it.

    Tom Wall

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    You have to give new people a break when they start running in the dog games.
    When they eventually come to understand the extent of work, costs and commitment put out by the organizers and workers, it is a big eye opener.
    I am amazed by the selflessness of club executives and members. Some live hours away from the events they are putting on. Most are giving up many hours of their time.
    Often you are lucky to break even, and if a profit is realized, it benefits the retriever games as a whole.
    Lots of people look at the retriever community as family.
    There is more to it than ribbons when you are in it for the long haul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Wegner View Post
    While there may be some room for efficiencies, I highly doubt all these folks are idiots and have completely missed the boat.
    From my experience the volunteers in the club, officers, board members, hunt test secretary, hospitality, gun captain, bird steward, equipment steward, marshalls etc are the most frugal folks around. Much more than any business. I've seen great lunches put together for $3.5 each. One test I had most my family staffing the master test because I thought they all should whiteness a hunt test. My daughter enjoyed doing the diversion shot when the dogs returned, she chuckled at the responses she got. Our last test was similar where the current President's family cooked dinners, provided lunches, staffed stations and conducted the raffle. It takes that level of commitment and sacrifice to pull off a test.

    Anyways, as a Past President we would look at every line item of the test, such as what was provided by Ron from Portland has published, and tweeked everywhere we could to control costs. That said, when it came down to crunch time and we had 10 openings in the field, for the sake of a running an efficient test, we would go long to pay some good local kids to work there butts off. We have looked at using Boy Scouts and other non profit groups but its hard keeping them around consistency. One club canceled last year because their normal labor pool was lost.
    Joe B.

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    A better & more lucrative business model would be picking up cans on the side of the road. A much higher hourly wage without all the added drama.
    Mark Land

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishduck View Post
    A better & more lucrative business model would be picking up cans on the side of the road. A much higher hourly wage without all the added drama.
    what my wife calls littering, i call a social program!
    john mccallie

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