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Thread: Missouri Report

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    Default Missouri Report

    Headed to Missouri to hunt snows this weekend. Anyone up there got a report on if they showed up yet or not? Going to be in NW Missouri.



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    Member Paul Brown's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    Only 18,900 counted at Squaw Creek NWR. NW winds forecasted for the next week will keep the big push of birds held up for a while. Good luck, shoot 'em in the face!
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    Been seeming them pretty regularly for the last two days. Flying high and heading north. Scouting report from the Sedalia area. Good luck!!

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    Senior Member shawninthesticks's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    north east mo


    North east is starting to get some in, I heard moderate flocks flying last night. I know a few guys putting spreads out this weekend.
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    Had a friend email me today saying he saw three big groups in central missouri this morning. He estimated around. 30-40k total.

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    Senior Member archer66's Avatar
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    Ralls County, MO


    You might kill some birds but as said above you're early.....the good news is that the snow is melting in NEMO and I assume it's melting in NWMO as well assuming it hasn't already.....don't think they got as much over there as we did over here. The bad news I guess is that there is more snow in the extended forecast and highs next week are supposed to be in the 20's again.....

    Shawn....I haven't seen any light geese where I normally seen them. TONS of Canadas and Specks around though. Sat for half an hour on the side of the road after work today watching Canadas land all over a corn stubble field and in the creek next to it.

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    Yea guide just called and said no numbers yet…not good hunts so far this week. Trying to decide if we should go ahead and go or go on March 8-10 or just hold off till next year.

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    Senior Member David McCracken's Avatar
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    Wedgefield, SC


    A buddy told me they were still killing them in Arkansas.
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    Senior Member i_willie12's Avatar
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    Id take the march 8-10 hunt!!!!! We started picking up birds yesterday but %99 adults!! We are still frozen solid here and will be for awhile!!! Temps next week back down to 20's high single digits low.. Its going to be a yo-yo for a couple weeks
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    We did! We got March 8 - 10 in Mound City. Appreciate the guide being honest with us before we made the 15 hour drive!

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