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Thread: Option best for training FT other than live birds

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    Join a club and work some of the field trials you attend on a regular basis and you should be able to get some training birds at the end of the trials, and meet people to train with who are successful at the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windwalkers swan song View Post
    Thanks everyone for the advice living in rural surrounding I can do the pheasant thing ducks are so much more of a chore and dirty, and Raymond I shelled out 12 to 15 thousand out last year with a trainer so I'm already cutting corners apparently, Neil
    Not trying to beat on ya Neil but you didn't say how deep you were in on original post. Hope with that kind of chedda its the FT game. Most water days I use 3" marking bumpers unless the Pt Arthur crew is training with me. Birds a couple times a week will keep them fresh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windwalkers swan song View Post
    If a person wants to train for field trials, are the Doken's and ATB's sufficient? Can you achieve what you need to using a mix to try and keep expenses down. Also would it be ok for Hunt Tests also? thanks Neil
    The option here is not about what to use...the option here is to show and somehow makes sense to the dog your are showing. You need to do that so that the dog understands from you from what you want him or her to do....What they retrieve is a matter of satisfaction to you, if done right....

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    Raymond nothing meant by my post other than if I want to stay in the game I have to do it myself financially. I appreciate everything you all have directed to me, Neil

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