Does the Age of the Dam impact the quality of the Pups?
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Thread: Does the Age of the Dam impact the quality of the Pups?

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    Default Does the Age of the Dam impact the quality of the Pups?

    If a dam is over 10-12 years will it effect the health/quality of the puppies.

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    Would have to be aa pretty healthy dog to have pups that late...... To me, a dog in good enough shape to have a littr that age would be a selling point towards the longevity of the dogs..... Not sure I would do that to my dog though.
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    I think the biggest hurdle will be getting her pregnant in the first place. Most dogs by that age are going to have significant changes in the lining of the uterus that make it difficult to conceive and carry the pregnancy to term.

    I have seen bitches as old as 10 free whelp a litter comfortably- it was an ES bitch from the Czech Republic. She had 12 puppies and lived to be 16 years old! I think it depends a lot on the individual bitch and her overall health, and since she needs to be in top condition to take care of the puppies, then yes, if she is already suffering from some age related disease that could affect the litter.
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