Master National Discussion is pulled.
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Thread: Master National Discussion is pulled.

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    Default Master National Discussion is pulled.

    Dear RTF users,

    Some lines were crossed. The thread is pulled.

    • Don't make it personal. Don't waste my time asking me to define this. Please. Debate the issue all you want, but don't make it personal.
    • If you want to ask someone who posts by a handle their name, feel free. But if they choose not to answer, let it go. Do not post real names and photos of folks who clearly choose to not be publicly identified.

    It's the same old stuff guys and gals. I've not had to post this for a long, long time. Just treat others when you write, the way you'd like to be treated. Please.

    Have a great weekend.

    Thanks, Chris

    P.S. feel free to discuss the MN topic more if you choose. Just adhere to the above. A few of your peers ruined that other thread for all. I'm not going to take the time to manually pick through and clean it up. It's gone.
    "A smile relieves a heart that grieves"

    - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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    Senior Member Dan Wegner's Avatar
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    Jul 2006


    Chris, I hadn't checked the thread you referenced since earlier this morning, so may not be aware of the offenses you referenced, but I do know it was getting a bit chippy and personal. Unfortunately, this is a pretty prominent issue at the moment and I thought the discussion and various solutions proposed were worthwhile. I know you don't have the time to sift through all the good posts to cull the bad, but I find it unfortunate that we lost the productive part of the discussion because of a few bad apples that would rather point fingers than focus on the issue and realistic possibilities to resolve it. I was hoping a proposal could be crafted from many of the ideas presented. If there's any way to restore part of the discussion, it would likely be appreciated by many.


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    Senior Member EdA's Avatar
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    May 2003


    The discussion was worth keeping, I have no stake in this but just because a couple of people had a disagreement does not mean the discussion should be terminated.

    Punish the one who questions the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with him but not the entire community.
    Last edited by EdA; 02-22-2014 at 06:11 PM.

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    Senior Member mostlygold's Avatar
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    Aug 2006


    I had been following this thread pretty closely but I too missed the nasty stuff. For the most part there were some good suggestions and discussions. I wish some people would get past the name calling so these kinds of discussions can happen. It is perfectly fine to disagree about things.

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    Senior Member badbullgator's Avatar
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    Dang I must have missed something? I thought there was a good discussion going on.
    I agree with Ed. Pull out whatever was wrong if you have to but the discussion was worth continuing.
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    Senior Member Ted Shih's Avatar
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    When posters go off the reservation and put the resource at risk, I don't think it should be Chris' responsibility to take time from his weekend to sift through the thread to eliminate the garbage.
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    Senior Member achiro's Avatar
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    Pretty sad if threads can get pulled because one person gets out of hand. Way to much valuable information to let that happen.
    "The thing I admire about the rat tail is that it takes commitment. It's not like one day you just decide you want one, you have to grow out that bad boy and you have to repeatedly convince the hairdresser to trust you because it's a great idea."

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    Senior Member
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    Wetumpka, AL


    We've had this conversation before.

    When a thread has posts that are questionable, remove the posts. When a thread has a person or persons who act out, remove them for a set period ... time out of you will. I would suggest something like first a warning and then .... 2 days for the first subsequent offense, a week for the second subsequent offense, and a full 30 days for each subsequent offense. This is a well honored method of dealing with bad actors on bulletin boards and has worked very well for years in some really contentious settings.

    There's no reason to, in effect, punish all because of the postings of one or a few.

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    Senior Member BJGatley's Avatar
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    Dec 2011


    I don't have a dog or cock in this fight, but I believe in my mind that there was a lot of discussions behind closed doors on that thread. IMO...PM Chris on your concerns. On a another subject, Thanks Chris for the RTF site.

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    Senior Member wheelhorse's Avatar
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    Nov 2005


    Why don't the powers that be acknowledge the fact that there are pros and ams in the hunt test game and split it like the field trials?

    Have an Open Master and an Am Master flight.

    Do the same with the Master National: have the AM MN in the spring and the Open MN in the Fall.

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