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Thread: Master National Discussion is pulled.

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    NOTE: Disclaimer - nothing personal / nothing pointed to anyone - just thought it was funny

    "Arguing with Idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon..... No matter how good you are, the bird is going to sh$t on the board and strut around like it won anyway."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Atkinson View Post
    I've found it is best to:

    A) have the offending party delete or edit. OR

    when my posts cause folk to threaten chris with law suits, a$$ kickins and worse i always delete my posts and issue public apology to the time i was even sincere!

    thanks chris!
    john mccallie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Down East Labs 217 View Post
    As for the thread. I still do not understand the passion against pros running hunt test.

    If you want to compete, run field trials. If you want to test your dogs abilities run hunt test. Pro or Am is irrelevant. I ran hunt test as an amateur and I have run hunt test as a pro. I have run qualifying's as as amateur and I have run qualifying's as a pro. All are fun.

    Richard, I believe you misunderstand the issue. There isn't any passion against pros running Hunt Tests.
    The passion comes from the fact that pros are filling up most if not all of the spots available; thereby denying tha Amateur even a chance to enter and run. I could care less if I run a Master test with 120 dogs and all of them are Am trained and run or if all but mine are Pro trained. I just want a fair chance for everyone to get dogs entered.

    Of all the proposals put forth I think the one from Ted Shih: whereby everybody can initially enter up to 5 dogs. Then after a certain time where everyone has had time to get up to 5 dogs entered, it would open back up to enter additional dogs, has the most merit

    At our clubs last Hunt Test the entry was limited to 60 dogs. It filled up in less than an hour and before I was even aware it was open for entries. Two Pros had 50 dogs entered. I believe there were only three Ams who got entered
    I, along with everyone else who was on the Hunt Test Committee and who worked the trial, was not able to enter and run our own dogs. In your own words you said "ALL ARE FUN" The passion comes from the new rules serving to deny us even the chance to enter and have that fun

    In essence we all got to spend our Memorial day weekend being unpaid workers. We love the games and know that it entails a lot of work. However the love of the game comes from training and running our dogs; not from being an unpaid {and Unthanked} volunteer to put on a test so a couple of pros can run their dogs and make a living.

    Speaking for myself only, but that one lesson is all I need. I will never be on a Hunt Test Committee and serve as free help again {without an opportunity to run dogs} again until an equitable solution is found. The club at present does not have a Hunt Test scheduled for this year.

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    mjh345 -

    Excellent synopsis of the situation. The pros and amateurs have never been adversaries but when situations such as you describe occur, that is not far behind. I think many folks in your situation would have simply refused to show up to be on a committee that was merely servants of the pro trainers.

    As Ted pointed out to me, there's noting magical about the number 5. It was merely the number that he and Ed had suggested for their scheme to limit entries into field trials for much the same reason. Whether the number is 1 or 5 or 10, it's clear that something needs to be done ... and soon. If not, more and more folks will see the hunt test game as you expressed, a way for pros to make money rather than as a sport for all to enjoy.

    It strikes me that a page could be taken from the field trial scheme. Suppose that if a test is going to be a limited entry of 60, only 50% of the entries could be already titled dogs until the last day of entries. Up until the last day, the split would be 50-50 and the overload would go to a wait list. On the last day, the wait list would be cleared and any remaining entries could go on the basis of first come, first served. If a test is not a limited entry, then this 50-50 rule is off.

    Or, alternatively, the MN could just be dropped as that seems to be the driving issue. Obviously that won't happen but if that really is the issue, some approach needs to be taken that will solve that, not the issue of pro or am handlers.

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