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Thread: How would it affect you? Entry limit related

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    Just to be clear. Working 4 hours or 1 series in a popper station IS WORKING. When we hosted a double Master and Junior along with a single Senior, we needed paid help for Master and tons of volunteer help for the rest. As Gun Captain I promised club volunteers that I would get them replaced after one series or less if they were running a dog. Most folks will avoid volunteering for a station because they normally get left out there for long hours in all kinds of weather. I had a better response when I promised replacements and held to my work. So working a station for 4 hours is HELP, and if everyone put just 4 hours in there would be less of a labor shortage.

    Understanding the staffing needs for a hunt test is best appreciated if you have actually been the Gun Captain for a few tests.

    There is one old training day rule that applies working at a hunt test, "throw more birds than you dog retrieves" or "if its not moving, pick it up and move it".

    To answer you question about dropping a local test to help out, well I have done that to judge and we do not have enough locally just to skip out on one.
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    I was at the annual meeting today for my home club that is very well run. We put on a couple of training days each year, a member picnic, gun dog stake and a JH/SH/DBl MH...

    It's all done with club members and other volunteers and the feeling still was...

    If a member has a dog to run and can't because they are working the event, then they won't be there to volunteer.
    Darrin Greene

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinGreene View Post
    If you picked one local club with a HT, let's say one in the spring and one in the fall. How would forgoing an entry to work those weekends affect your yearly goals for your dog?

    It seems like (active judges aside) giving up one or two running opportunities a year to purely dedicate yourself to hosting events shouldn't be a big deal...

    Maybe that's just easy for me to say. I live in a spot where I get 8-10 nearby opportunities a year to run a MH test, or at least I used to before limits.

    So this isn't rhetorical ?? and maybe the answer should be obvious but why IS everyone so focused on being able to enter an event that they are "working"?

    Also how do people define "working"? I sure hope we don't mean one shift on a winger because that's just helping out and you should always be available for that if needed IMO.
    That is what we do. There are lots of events in the region, but the closest is 2 hours one way. Any event we attend requires a hotel room and any event we work requires at least one day off to be there for setup. Some clubs pay for hotel rooms for the workers, but not all have the resources. I can't think of a club around here that doesn't use birdboys--some paid, but most part of an organization that 'volunteers' in exchange for a donation to said organization.

    As to how people define working, it has been my experience that folks have very different definitions and don't always agree. The person who picks up holding blinds or holds the marshal clipboard for a couple of hours certainly thinks they are working, but the person who has done all the organization, is there before sunup and is sorting birds after sundown when everyone else is at the tailgate would have a different view. Some folks provide a lot of help at every event they attend, whether a member of that club or not. Some even at their own club's events basically show up and run their dogs. I am not sure we could ever come up with a definition with which everyone would agree.

    Again, I think it goes back to what the club offers members. If it offers training days, help with training in groups, etc., it is easier to get folks who will work events without running dogs. If it offers little other than a couple of events a year in the region, it is more difficult.

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    Prior to the 2013 rule change allowing limited entries does anyone know if there was ever a MH test that was cancelled because of too many entries and all the logistics that go with it? Were there any handlers that didn't get to finish a MH test because of the same? If so how often did this happen?

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    Charge a help fee, $2-5 per dog depending on what it costs you to pay for help. If you are running more than 2 dogs, you probably don't have time to help, so you pay the fee.
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