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Thread: Super Singles competition Format ???

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    These are a TON of fun, a local club here in So Cal sponsers one every year and and I'm hoping they put another one this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    I have always wanted to run one of these! Seems like it would be fun, especially for my older dog who can't control himself at the line. Maybe he would have a shot! Anybody in NM or CO up for this?
    I doubt it Carol. It would just fill up with pro's
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    Oh come on Hugh! You know we don't have that problem in NM! I bet we could put one on jointly with LRCA and ARC and make a bunch of money for our hunt test efforts!
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    Wow, what a great response!! Thanks for all the ideas. we may have to think bigger and do it on a weekend when there is no hunt test and have different levels. HT, FT and gun dogs maybe.

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    Default Singles Marathon

    When we ran the SM in the AVRC & Denver club in the late '70's & 80's it was a blast.
    Entry fees were reasonable, owners with young dogs came to the line & ran on lead. Top dog men/gals volunteered to judge. When entries increased, we had 2 flights, 2 judges each. After X series, the 4 judges would judge together the final 8 -10, whatever No. of dogs in a final run-off.

    Camaraderie was terrific, prizes were practical, things like coolers, cooking grills etc. and most importantly, the revenue produced was a boon to the clubs when entries averaged 40-50 dogs in major stakes & entry fees for those stakes in the $25-$30 range.

    Bill Connor
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    Any one with a "rule book". please send it to me.
    I want to put one of these on this late spring/summer when the tests and trials all move north, but I'm just too lazy to make one up myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Perry View Post
    Any one with a "rule book". please send it to me.
    I want to put one of these on this late spring/summer when the tests and trials all move north, but I'm just too lazy to make one up myself.
    If you are serving chicken, then I am in
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    I'm bumping this to the top. PPRC will beholding a single day singles marathon April 26th), we are hashing out the rules/guidelines. Need input from the collective. We plan to do both land and water, not a timed event and at least one flier on land and one on water. We only have a single day planned to hold the event.

    Please feel free to email me at with ideas, any and all welcomed.

    The event will be opened to club members first, but there will be slots for non-club members, too. Not to worry, we are a small club for those who may be interested.


    p.s. we are also looking for a couple judges if anyone might be interested...
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    Darn. I think I am going to NM for a Master HT that weekend. Or I would play because I can't judge worth a hoot.
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    I've run in a few and organized one or two, all 5 or 6 years ago. AFAIK there isn't any rulebook because the events are done however the organizing club or person wants. Thinking from memory all ran in some version of elimination, with the marks getting longer and harder. Ended up using bumpers at one, because it was mid summer, ducks were hard to find plus the judges felt shooting flyers would be too hard to keep a level playing field. No one seemed to mind, plus you can charge a much lower entry fee. Another fundraiser that I've seen done is a super singles for the people, throwing bumpers in one of those big muck buckets, it's a great fundraiser and much easier than rounding up things to auction. $10 for 3 bumpers, elimination or scoring format can be done, and the pot gets split between the winner and the club.

    The way we split our groups for the SS was puppy/beginner (can not have started in any test or trial); junior (can not have started in anything but AKC jr., HRC/NAHRA started, and can not have started any FT) these groups can be combined and can be steadied at the line; Intermediate (can not have started in Master or any FT other than derby) and advanced/open. Best bet is to cater to your participants: we had a ton of new/beginner members so we split them as above.
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