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Thread: Which ecollar?

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    Default Which ecollar?

    Hey guys just looking for advice on an ecollar. I'll be getting my new pup in a few weeks and trying to grab all the supplies I need to be prepared. I will be sending him off to the trainer around 5-6 months but being my first lab I have never owned an ecollar before. Around 3-4 months I was planning on just putting the collar on for him to get use to but not actually using it. Anyway whats the best collar for the money and what are some features I should be looking for? Thanks

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    What are your goals for your pup? I would not get in a hurry and discuss this with your trainer.
    Below is a thread that discusses ecollars.

    Gundogsupply.com has a buyers guide for ecollars.
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    X2 what Wayne said! Most trainers seem to favor one collar over another. Some like dogtra, others like Tri tronics. When in doubt, ask your trainer! They are the pro's for a reason!

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