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Thread: CERF vs. OFA CAER eye exams is there a difference ?

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    Default CERF vs. OFA CAER eye exams is there a difference ?

    I have heard of the CERF eye exam, But found a clinic within an hour from me that performs the OFA CAER eye exam, from talking with them the exam is basically the same as the CERF exam, and the results are registred through the OFA. I have never heard of the CAER exam, and wonder if this is the same or will be what I need to have my pups eyes certified, and if it's an acceptable test in the Lab community ?

    Any thoughts or suggestions ? have any of you had experience with the CAER eye exam or went through the registry process ?
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    It is the same form minus all the little ovals to fill in for information about your dog.

    The exam has to be performed by an ACVO vet, so nothing different other than the database location.

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    I switched to OFA due to the collection of the data for "purposes to monitor disease prevalence and progression at the breed level" whether the owner submits their form or not.
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    The national association for veterinary ophthalmologists voted to leave CERF and use OFA instead. There were apparently record-keeping issues with CERF and other issues.


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