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Thread: Thanks for all of the kind thoughts about Mootsie

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    Very good lookin dogs!

    What a nice photo too to go along with all the memories!

    Marissa Everett

    "The best reward is one that makes an impact."

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    Thanks for sharing this tribute ted. I admire the relationships you have with your dogs. God Bless.

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    With the short time that we have our dogs with us, I believe that they are on loan for us from God. He brings the good ones home again.
    I am sorry for your lose, Ted. You and Mootsie were a good team.
    Rejoice in the memories.
    Dave & Glenda
    Glenda Seivert
    "The support team"

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    Your post is wonderful and reminds us that the journey is something to cherish. I had an opportunity to run her in training at Cherolyn's one weekend and on 3 blinds I had only 2 whistles. She was a wonderful dog with special talent and a great personality. You were both lucky to have shared each other. Your in my thoughts and prayers my friend.

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    Thank you for sharing some much with us. It is always sad when one of our beloved dogs die, they are never with us long enough.

    Tom Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by twall View Post

    Thank you for sharing some much with us. It is always sad when one of our beloved dogs die, they are never with us long enough.


    Writing about Mootsie brings a smile to my face, so it is therapeutic for me.

    As Bev Ensley mentioned in her email, Mootsie was the Queen at Cherylon Loveland's kennel.

    Not that she lorded over the other dogs. Rather, she was different. They knew it, and she knew it. She preferred the company of humans to dogs, and the dogs accepted that. When young dogs would come to the kennel, she would growl once or twice, when they got too exuberant, but not three times. The third time, she would snap and/or bite, and that was that. The dogs knew to leave the Queen alone.

    She served as the training wheels for many new handlers that came to Cherylon with their own dogs. She was very compliant on the line and forgiving of handler errors. She knew her business and it showed. She really could thread a needle on a land blind. On water, she needed some persuasion to do what she knew she was supposed to do. But, after 2 casts, she would give in and do what she knew from the beginning she was supposed to do.

    She ran great for Ed and Judy - maybe she knew that they adored her (Ed was there for her birth, and Judy picked her out for me). She loved the game. She had a funny gait that Cherylon and I thought would lead to problems (but never did), and a tail that whipped back and forth when she went out for her marks. She was never a barn burner but she exemplified style in her gait.

    I had to spay her early in her career, which disappointed me, Ed and many other Mootsie fans. We found a lump on her breast, which was malignant. My vet recommended spaying her because estrogen can accelerate cancer. It was fortunate that Mootsie had the lump because during the spay operation, the surgeons found a friable artery that kept on disintegrating. They began at her rear leg and finally tied off an inch from her heart. If we had not done surgery, the artery would likely have exploded and Mootsie would have died from internal bleeding before we could do anything.

    Every dog I have kept has a special place in my heart. But, there will never be another Mootsie, another dog with her

    - Horrible bark
    - Swagger
    - Mischievous nature

    As Bev Ensley aptly put it, she was the Queen.

    Long live the Queen in her new kingdom

    I wish I had taken more photos of Mootsie and my other dogs over the years

    Here is one of the Queen and me at the 2008 National Am, where we bombed out after three series.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Wow, that is quite a story of a unique creature. Sorry for your loss, I know that it hurts like hell.
    "I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play"

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