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Thread: Syria: Did you notice this?

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    I happen to enjoy Gerry's posts! One of the few I make it a point to read as her posts
    indicate a literacy level not attained by many on this forum .

    As for Syria - I supported A'stan as I thought it an opportunity to create a level of freedom
    many in that part of the world never hope to see. The war was really poorly managed & for
    that I blame GW. & then we suffered mission creep. What can we expect to accomplish in Syria?
    Another Iraq?

    I truly do not see how anyone one can say they support women's rights can believe that the
    females of that part of the world have anything approaching rights to better themselves.

    Kerry was against all wars including Vietnam, or sort of - why is he such a war monger now?

    Marvin S

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    Someday your life will flash before your eyes. It's your responsibility to make sure it's worth watching!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjh345 View Post
    Gerry, so you mean to tell me that we are not at war {military action or whatever semantics you want to use} in Syria?

    As to semantics it was you that first used the word "war" as in "Obama's War". Bit premature to be worrying about what label to apply to an as yet non existent thing, wouldn't you think? Unless of course you have fallen under the spell of the agenda's some of the spin doctors who pass them selves off as reporters or newsmen
    No, I don't think we are in a military war with Syria at this point ... at least not from what information we are publicly being given. We are at war philosophically with many nations who do not share our values of personal freedom and govt accountability. Heck, factions in our own country are even in such philosophical wars with each other. The "war on women" and "war on poverty" are terms often used, for example. The Iraq and A'stan "wars" are, routinely called Bush's wars, even though I don't know if A'stan is an "official" war. I don't even know if Iraq was an "official" declaration of war.

    When we have a military action that is protracted for more than a year, I tend to think of it as a war. Others may have different parameters they would use as to what they consider a "war".

    Yes, swliszka, some of the links may use polemics. I've been suckered by some of them. I have found it useful to watch the discussion that ensues.

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