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  • AKC FT

    99 45.21%
  • AKC HT

    115 52.51%
  • HRC

    81 36.99%

    24 10.96%
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Thread: Which dog game and why?

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    Senior Member Chris Videtto's Avatar
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    Nov 2010


    I have a FT dog and a HT dog which was my first retriever.
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    Senior Member Daren Galloway's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
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    I started like most, wanting a hunting dog. I had been around HRC tests through some buddies so my first inclination was to do HRC, go myself a pup with the intentions of running HRC. After watching and running my first FT last spring, that will be my preferred venue, not that I won't run HRC or AKC HT but I prefer the idea of placements rather than 2 dogs doing unequal work and getting an equal accolade. I don't like the concept of dog A stepping on all the marks, lining or 1 whistling the blinds and that dog gets the same ribbon as dog B who handled to a mark, looked sloppy on a couple others and barely picked up the bilnd but did enough to pass. Why do I do them at atll? At first to have a great hunting dog, now because I enjoy going out and training and working with the dog and learning about it, and I enjoy the competetion side of it, with work and everything else I'm limited to weekends only hunting for the most part during a 3 month period when its worth getting out of bed to go hunting, training I can do 12 months out of the year, all I have to do is decide if the weather is too unpleasant or not.
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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    Burlington, Vermont


    what dog game they play

    and why?
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    Senior Member Russ's Avatar
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    Started in NAHRA in the early 90's with my hunting dog. We have increased our goals over the years to be competitive in Field Trials and have spent a lot of time and money in the process. We still have not made the top tier of the field trial game, but have increased our efforts over the last year and hope to increase our achievements over the next couple of years. Placements in Field Trials are very rewarding. Getting another Master ribbon was losing its excitement.

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    Senior Member Dave Combs's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Snows View Post
    Dave .... you missed CKC HT's & FT's! Some of us RTF'rs are north of the border!
    Sorry Sue I guess with all the cold weather - I just thought we were part of Canada these days
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    Senior Member wheelhorse's Avatar
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    Hunt Tests. Don't have the time or the money to compete in FT. And I deal with enough competitiveness in the search world that is my main focus so I see no need to deal with that in my hobbies.

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    First test I ever ran was a NAHRA, had a blast and my hunting dog loves doing them.

    Always had my eye on FT, last year I was fortunate enough to get a pup that showed enough talent that I could attempt to play the FT game. To date I've ran 5 derbies with my pup and have enjoyed everyone one of them even though we're only jamming, at this point it's still the biggest rush I've expereinced running dogs. Can't wait to run her in the bigger stakes.

    I'd still gladly run my hunting dog in the HRC, AKC and NARAH events when finances permit.
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    Senior Member Tim Mc's Avatar
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    AKC field trials. This is my first dog and we started by running AKC hunt test, then ran a derby. Been running and training for ft ever since. I love the competition aspect of trials and the difficulty.

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    Senior Member Labs's Avatar
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    Currently running AKC and NAHRA hunt tests. Will be getting involved with HRC in the near future.
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    Senior Member HarryWilliams's Avatar
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    "What dog game do you play?" Currently NAHRA Field Tests, CKC Hunt Tests & CKC Field Trials. I like lower entries where my enjoyment is higher. Harry
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