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Thread: Which dog game and why?

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    I just love training. I can get to a couple of AKC hunt tests more easily than trials, but I will run those too if I can find a Qual stake on my route! I feel like these two venues offer the best opportunity to gauge the quality of your training and the dog's abilities. I do not hunt (yet) so am less comfortable with venues that require shooting at the line.
    Carol Howey
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    I run hunt tests because they are fun for both myself and the dogs. I enjoy the relationships developed. Both with the dogs and people. And I do this because a Labrador is a retriever and if it can't do what it's bred to do then something is wrong. I want to preserve and encourage this trait.

    I don't feel the need to do FTs. I neither have the time, land or money and if I had the money I would hate sending my dog away for years. To me there is no point to that-They are my family and I want to work with them and enjoy them.

    There are no secrets to success. It is the results of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

    Sue Puffenbarger
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Farrar View Post
    AKC Hunt Tests. This is my 1st Lab and a I'm a 50 yr old guy that doesn't have the time to learn the FT game. I'd like to have some success now. We got our 1st orange ribbon 2 weeks ago and you still can't slap the smile off my face. I wish someone would have showed me how good labs can be 20 years ago. If they had, I would probably be trying the FT games.
    At fifty you'd be a spring chicken at field trials. FT's require lots of time and money, two things that come together at retirement. For younger working folk it is either more money, hiring a pro to train and run your dog, or for the lucky few a good amateur training group and access to good land and water.

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    I started running NAHRA last year mainly because that's what my local club is. I would love to get into FTs but I don't have the time, dog, or money so for now I'm going to stick with HTs. I like the NAHRA format for training for a good all around hunting dog. Good group of people too.

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    HRC and AKC HT
    looking to run FT someday when I get a dog do that venue

    This year we are planning on some NAHRA tests
    HRC- Our season never ends

    "Shoot fast or shoot last"

    HR UH Nilsson's on a wing n a prayer MH WCX

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    Started out running NAHRA in 1984 switched over to AKC in 1990. Might run HRC if there were any in the area - at least until someone whined at me about my wardrobe. Can't run NAHRA because hell ain't froze over yet (I heard Obama is working on that though so stay tuned).

    It's about the people- the dogs are just the common attraction.

    The beer is better in AKC regards

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    I've run both NAHRA and CKC hunt tests and I prefer NAHRA. Wish we had more tests in our area.

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    I started running NAHRA back in the 8o with my first dog to help her along to becoming a hunting dog. It worked she was a great "meat dog" no flash just always came back with the bird. I have been out of all of the games since then. I have a 7 month old now and will run AKC because it appears NAHRA is not running in my area any longer. Would like to try my hand at FT some day, maybe with this pup if she pans out. The hunting is disappearing so we will all need to do something with our dogs.

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    HT, I like HRC a little more than AKC in our area. I have see dogs get too much help on marks during AKC HT in our area

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    HRC and FT.
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