Akc junior hunter?
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Thread: Akc junior hunter?

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    Default Akc junior hunter?

    I was wondering what the exact expectations are for a retriever to earn a JH title. I've heard two retrieves on land and in the water but I feel like there's more I don't know about. I'm wanting to pursue a title for my 8 month old pup. He can sit and stay steadily with no restraint just e collar. He gos when told. From what I've heard and know about a jh test I think he's ready but I just wanted to know if there's more I'm missing. Please let me know any info you guys can relay to me.

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    4 Passes required for title. Dog must deliver to hand and you can not touch your dog while delivering the bird. You can restrain your dog via its flat collar while you call for the bird and until the judge releases your dog for the retrieve. You should watch a test first so you know the mechanics of a test. You should provide a run down of all of the training you have done in the field so others can comment correctly to your question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigcasinoGator View Post
    He can sit and stay steadily with no restraint just e collar.
    As was mentioned you can restrain your dog with a flat collar before being released by the judge to pick up the birds. No e-collars can be used.

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    Note, it is hard to duplicate the distraction levels experienced by a dog at / during a hunt test. It makes minimal matter if you think he is ready or not, once you commit to running him in JH stakes, he will likely perform based on total previous experiences and conditions trained under. If you can, align yourself with a training group and or Retriever Club and train in an environment that will most closely simulate conditions your dog will be exposed to in the actual hunt test environment. Multiple sights, sounds, smells, other people, and other dogs can be highly distractive to a dog with little previous exposure under such conditions, all those being common in the hunt test environment. Once you have trained multiple sessions under such conditions with a high level of reliability demonstrated by your retriever, he will likely be much more prepared for a positive performance at an actual hunt test.

    Also, as others have suggested, attend a test or two, even volunteer at an AKC or HRC hunt test to see what is expected not only of the retriever at the JH or Started levels, but also what is expected of yourself as the handler.

    Lot's of fun, relax and enjoy it, and good luck with your retriever during your first HT.

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    Can you use a choke chain
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    Can you use a choke chain
    no. also if you haven't done it yet shoot a live flyer for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigcasinoGator View Post
    I was wondering what the exact expectations are for a retriever to earn a JH title..
    here you go BCG - http://images.akc.org/pdf/rulebooks/RHTRET.pdf

    some things to ask, will your pup come to you place a live duck in your hand? Will it swim? Will it run away from shotgun report?
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    Ideally, go watch a Junior test before you enter one. Go watch a little of Senior and Master, too, so you can see what it takes to go higher than Junior. Your dog is only 8 months old. You have plenty of time to skip entering the first test you find and go as an observer instead. Also, observing a test will give you an idea of what you'll need to bring for you and your dog when you're ready to enter.

    Before you enter, your dog should have been exposed to live flyers AND really stinky, disgusting ducks that should have been tossed long ago. He should have been exposed to gunshots and strangers throwing birds. He should deliver to hand, even coming out of the water. In most Junior tests, the judges put the handler and dog at water's edge so you have a chance to grab the bird before the dog drops it, but you'll be more confident if you know your dog will keep holding the bird as he leaves the water.

    Good luck. Junior is fun.
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    Ok now on hand delivery... Is he expected to heel at my side sit and release to my hand.? I know that's the most impressive way. But right now we've kind of got a relay race type thing going where he likes to dart to my hand when I stick it out and I grab it but if I miss it he will come back and hand it to me but not sit without dropping it

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