Hauling dogs in very cold weather… Tips/Tricks?
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Thread: Hauling dogs in very cold weather… Tips/Tricks?

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    Default Hauling dogs in very cold weather… Tips/Tricks?

    I am looking to buy a slide in unit from Ainley and am in the process of going through options. A lot of the time where we hunt and are out with our dogs it can get extremely cold and at times below zero. I use crates with Mud River covers now and in the extreme cold my dogs just sit in the backseat of the truck...

    My question is you guys with nice boxes, toppers, chassis mounts etc…How do the dogs do in extreme cold in them? Have you hauled and dogs spent time below zero? I know Ainley puts a rubber mat in, and then perhaps add some hay and dogs are comfortable? Also, in extreme cold…. How do you get enough air flow to prevent condensation and give adequate air without making boxes too cold...

    Curious everyones thoughts
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    Good insulated box with a heavy wool blanket. I get the blankets from army, navy, surplus store

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    Stuff as much straw as you can in the box dog will make itself a nice cosy nest.

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