Hey can someone tell me when the $2500 insurance savings goes into effect?
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Thread: Hey can someone tell me when the $2500 insurance savings goes into effect?

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    Default Hey can someone tell me when the $2500 insurance savings goes into effect?

    Just wondering.
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    If your referring to the ACA, never. That was a lie by our dear leader.

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    Yea right! My premium went up for myself and my employees, our deductible increased by 1000 for in network and 5000 for out of network and our stop loss limit went up. Our president makes used car salesmen look like saints!
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    Washington Examiner: “Making a direct sales pitch to Hispanic voters on Thursday, President Obama insisted that his administration would not delay the March 31 deadline for consumers to obtain health insurance or pay a fine. ‘We are going to enforce the deadline,’ the president said at a town hall… ‘You have time now to sign up,’ Obama insisted. ‘If everybody waits until the last minute … then in some ways it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy’…When asked whether the latest delay was an admission of a problem with the health law, Obama replied, ‘No, no, no’…”

    I find this kind of confusing since he delayed the "mandate" for insurance companies to cancel non-conforming policies. Although, it is my understanding, that some states did this, but not all states did so. So, some previously insured are remaining insured, but others have had to switch to a O-care-conforming policy (which, in some cases, will not include previous health care providers as the "old" policy did.) So, some of these people became uninsured, and may have some difficulty in replacing their cancelled coverage at a price they can afford. So, now they will be out-of-pocket for medical care, and also get slapped with a fine.

    Other compliance delays were extended to lots of other groups, yet the delay of the fine for individual coverage is not worthy of delay.

    [“And none of the information that is provided in order for you to obtain health insurance is in any way transferred to immigration services. So that’s something we’ve been very clear about.” – President Obama urging Hispanic consumers to enroll in ObamaCare.]

    That last paragraph is also confusing. The law prohibits coverage to illegal residents, so why would he have to tell this group not to worry about immigration services? No one who has to worry about immigration services would be eligible anyhow. Did he not read the law?

    For those who object to "spin" ... the quotes are quotes. The speech to Hispanics is a matter of record. The "spin" is my own, for better or for worse.

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