Raising kids and training dogs...
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Thread: Raising kids and training dogs...

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    Default Raising kids and training dogs...

    I sometimes state that "training dogs and raising kids are very similar". Some folks scorn at me for making such an analogy, especially my wife.

    Please let me explain. I have three children and one grandson. I currently have five labs. I once read that when training a lab you are dealing with an animal that has an intellect similar to that of a three year-old child. Now that my grandson is three I totally agree.

    My children were raised to obey their parents, mind their manners, be on their best behavior while out in public, etc. (sounds kind of like obedience training to me).

    Anyway, before I get too far off track here, let me get to the substance of this post. I now have a grandson Jordan. Mom and dad (my oldest son) were never married, we have a great relationship with mom and she lets Jordan stay at our house 15 nights per month. Jordan has been around the dogs and dog training/hunt tests since day one. Now if I ever say anything to my wife referring to Jordan's upbringing and likening it to any form of dog training, well I get the meanest look and an earfull to go with it.

    Here's what happened:
    Jordan turned three on November 26th. He had his birthday on the Saturday before (opening day of duck season). Pop's (your's truly) went duck hunting in lieu of attending the birthday party, first mistake. Then on the 26th we had Jordan at our house. Well we had a gift for him in a large cardboard box. He opened the gift played with it briefly and, like many three year-olds, decided that it was more fun to play with the cardboard box than it was to play with the over priced plastic toy that came packaged in it.

    So I'm sitting there playing with Jordan while Meme (Wife/Jordan's grandmother) is out of earshot and out of sight doing something else. So Jordan says "Pops play like I'm "Norma" and say kennel" so, playing along I say "kennel!" and Jordan jumps in the box just like a dog kenneling. After doing this for five or twenty times, Jordan (who is much more observant than I give him credit for, has obviously been paying close attention to the dog training, thus realizing that the dogs don't always comply) says "Pops now tell me kennel and make me get in the box" so, just PLAYING ALONG for Jordan's sake, I said kennel and Jordan barked at me and I grabbed him by the shirt collar and the belt and slid him into the box as I repeated "kennel!" and when I slid him into the box he began to whimper (mimicking a dog). Guess who walked in at that very moment?! A VERY angry Meme! Of course she thought I had flipped out. I explained it all but it still didn't go over well.

    Moral of the story, don't mix dog traing and child rearing/ child play, unless you are absolutely certain a responsible adult won't stumble in at the wrong time and immediately think the worst.

    Still in the dog house,
    Lonnie Spann
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    DISCLAIMER: The above post is the opinionated and biased view of your's truly, Lonnie Spann, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinions or views of the unfortunate individuals named below who just happen to be doomed with guilt by association.

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    HaHaHaHaHa! At least Jordan hadn't talked you into putting the collar on him yet! Expensive lawyer time.
    Carol Howey
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    Total agreement ! Clarity , Consistency, Clear Expectations , Clear Rewards and Punishments, Repeat until learned , Improvise, Always be fair - let child/dog make independent decisions! One 37 year old son, one 10 year old grandson and 2000 9-12th grade high school graduates. Yes , No , Okay! Those who have disagreement w/this please explain why we have so many screwed up dogs/young adults?

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    stern voice, riding crop, heeling stick!!!!
    john mccallie

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    OOPS! A slice of real life. Please tell me your dog house has heat, running water, nice warm bed and plenty of room & food for the "dog". Great story!

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    Maybe you do need that therapist?
    HRCH Rip's Fullhouse Jacks Over Aces MH Ace
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    Jack Gravely
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    HaHaHaHaHa! At least Jordan hadn't talked you into putting the collar on him yet! Expensive lawyer time.
    Carol... If I'm not mistaken... Lonnie IS an expensive Lawyer!
    Bill Davis

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    I thought Lonnie was one of the Kumbaya, save the world, pro bono lawyers?

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    Ok dont let this guy fool you!!!!!! I have seen his "Dog" house. 20 to 1 odds he got caught just so he would have to go there. Also now that i think about it Lonnie you do have some nice dogs.......... so you could be onto something with this new "Grandson" Training.....

    I can see the DVD now Total Toddler Training with Lonnie Spann....
    TTT with Lonnie Spann includes:

    1)Dont tell Meme about this
    2)Potty training 101
    3)Dont eat that
    4)Force to Nap Time
    5)Retriving Pops a beer..
    HRCH Goodwins Hat Creek Hound "Gus"

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    I'm a 1st grade teacher and I have taught my kids to take a cast. I can be 50 yards from my line of kids at the end of their recess and I can "back" cast them to our room or "over" to the library. I am proud of this and we did it without a rope.

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