Judging the Labrador Retriever
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Thread: Judging the Labrador Retriever

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    Default Judging the Labrador Retriever

    I know we have moved on from the discussions on Westminster and Crufts, but I just received this video today and thought I would pass it on. This is a judge who has judged Labradors throughout the world as well as competing with her own. You will note she indicates all the way through that certain physical traits are needed for the Lab to do its job.


    Other than the need for a hair re-do on the breeder/judge, it is well done.


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    Thanks for the link, Glenda.

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    I'll second that Glenda, thanks for posting. That is quite a hair do!
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    Great video

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    I think she's cute, the dog not so much. I can't imagine that dog holding up very well hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    I think she's cute, the dog not so much. I can't imagine that dog holding up very well hunting.
    I agree. I think that lab would make a wonderful Pet.

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    That lab is a youngster, and a really nice "moderate" lab. She must have been doing this from the cradle, because if only looks to be forty years old

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    Linda's hair always looks like that.

    Something that she forgot to mention with the head is level planes and length of muzzle. The focus/emphasis on the stop I think has minimized this. I was taught, but some now deceased breeders, that when looking at the head from the side, the plane of the top skull and the plane of the muzzle should be level. Additionally, the length of muzzle and length of top skull should be equal. We are losing length of muzzle.

    The dog she has on the table is a nice moderate boy. If he showed that he could work, I wouldn't mind having him. I wish the camera man had been videoing from the side when she described the shoulder and upper arm. That assembly is very important and often hard to see/understand.

    Why is the breed standard of any breed important? It's why a lab is a lab. It TRYS to describe what should make a lab a lab and a golden a golden and a chessie a chessie. Yes, interpretation is different and many of us, on BOTH sides of this argument, don't agree with what is going on with EITHER end of the spectrum. We've discussed the tail thing before, but look at all the books writted about the labrador published. One thing mentioned time and time again is an OTTER tail. It is a breed trait. Just something to distinguish it from others. Maybe it's not a rudder anymore, mine use theirs, but again, the purpose of the dog (fishing) has changed somewhat.

    Thanks Glenda. I didn't realize Linda had been interviewed.

    Sue Puff
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    It was on the other thread (which I couldn't find) where we were discussing the differences between the show dogs and field dogs.

    In the UK, they have judges fill out forms that draw attention to what the judges see as negative emerging trends for the breeds. According to this link, the judges there think there is a problem with too-short legs and overweight.

    That is also the same as what the judges feel is wrong with the Goldens.

    So, while the judges must choose the best of what is presented to them on that day ... the same concerns expressed on this forum seem similar to what the judges are also thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    I think she's cute, the dog not so much. I can't imagine that dog holding up very well hunting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey Towler View Post
    I agree. I think that lab would make a wonderful Pet.
    I thought that dog was pretty nice looking, very young so it still had some filling out to do, but I bet it would be a very nice working dog...
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